Ask Me anything March 2018

We know you have all been waiting eagerly for the finalised version of the AMA and as promised, here it is in all of its entirety. As you all know, before the filming we spent several days collating a wide variety of quality questions from our wider community. So large in fact, that the AMA itself goes for approximately eighty minutes and covers a range of topics from marketing, to technology and everything in between. To best support this and help with user navigation, please see the text at the very bottom of this article (below the video) which outlines all of the questions and at what time in the AMA they were asked.

One of the greatest aspects of the AMA, is that we were able to get all of the core leadership team (Jed, Adrian, Kurt and Chris) in the one place, so that the relevant questions could be answered by the subject matter expert. As a result, the AMA is incredibly comprehensive, up-to-date, and contains our short, mid-term and long-term strategies and goals.

We hope you enjoy the AMA and please feel free to spread it as wide and as far as possible. The quality of questions, and thus the quality of answers, would be nowhere near it is without your help, so on behalf of all of the team please accept our thanks for your ongoing support and love, it means a lot to all of us and it helps to keep the fire burning.

AMA Questions

1. When it comes to Marketing budget and onboarding online gamblers, what % of the budget have we allocated towards this? (:54)

2. What’s our plan for our bitcointalk forum? (3:05)

3. What types of Marketing can we expect to see? (5:10)

4. Does the 25% allocated towards Marketing include the appreciation of ETH? Based on that, will that drive us to be more aggressive with our Marketing campaigns? (8:24)

5. Will the platform accept Fiat? (11:13)

6. Will all of the games be played in the browser or will there be a downloadable option? (13:55)

7. How many slots will be available when mainnet launches? (14:53)

8. Are we going to be able to license famous games around the world for use on our platform? (17:40)
 9. Do we need a casino license? (19:37)

10. Will Australians be able to participate on the platform? (23:42)

11. What are your thoughts on exchanges and current situation with volume and liquidity? (27:53)

12. Are there any thoughts on stabilizing the price? (31:16)

13. How many users can the platform handle? (33:33)

14. How will you manage the team and what they are doing on a daily/weekly basis? (34:32)

15. What can the community do more to help? (36:23)

16. Where are we currently at with the progress of apps and what options are planned? (41:07)

17. What’s our plan to run a successful sportsbook? (44:20)

18. Has there been a portion of our ICO funds hedged against volatility? (45:20)

19. How will we track the amount of DBETS gambled on the platform? (47:52)

20. Will there be a current user tracker so you can see how many individuals are using the platform? Pros and cons to provide this information? (50:10)

21. If we had to do it all again, would we do something different? (51:37)

22. When companies whitelabel our technology, do they purchase the DBETS through an exchange or is there another process to onboard? Is there is a set price? (53:46)

23. What is the update on Poker and Blackjack? (54:47)

24. Can you explain the plan on sound effects for the slots? (57:17)

25. What are the geographical locations we are targeting and our plan for translations? (59:05)

26. Where do we see DBET in 3 Years? (1:00:45)

27. If a new platform emerges beyond Ethereum, would we consider transitioning over to another platform? (1:03:09)

28. When do the payouts for the house take place and how quickly does the next session start? (1:05:42)

29. Have we looked into partnering with other casinos? (1:07:55)

30. Will the wallet have an option to automatically invest back into the house? (1:10:17)

31. In regards to the house shares, will you be able use a hardware wallet or do you have to use the DBET wallet? (1:10:58)

32. Can you provide an update on KYC? (1:11:45)

33. What’s the update on the online store? (1:13:34)

34. As we are ramping up for launch, how much work is security focused? (1:14:44)

35. What are we putting in place to prevent security attacks? (1:15:49)

36. Do you foresee times when we will have to pause the platform for routine maintenance? (1:17:04)

37. Can you elaborate on the charity side of things? (1:19:30)

Warm Regards,