Engages in a Strategic Partnership with VeChain

Will Become the First Mainnet Launched on the VeChainThor Platform

VeChain and are lighting things up.

From day one, our vision has been for to revolutionize the gaming industry.

It’s a vision that began with frustration at the limitations offered by the traditional gaming industry and one which has inspired us to disrupt it as much as possible. We want to offer an alternative that will truly pave the future of gaming. This vision is defined by something enabling:

  • Transparency and fairness, removing the gray area associated with gaming and its regulation. We believe that blockchain technology offers the appropriate solutions to offer the stability, trust, and transparency required to bring the gaming industry to the next level.
  • The removal of centralized house systems at existing casinos. This requires the distribution of all platform profits to House Share Holders. You buy into house sessions, you share the profits. Our house is your house and all investors both big and small have an opportunity to own a part of a casino.
  • The exertion of a global footprint. We will not be beholden to just being a B2C online casino. We will find strategic partners for white labeling and provide a product suite that enables peer-based gaming across the globe.
We want to push the boundaries. The users want to push the boundaries.

Great things often happen from being revolutionary, from pushing innovate technology to its limits and by providing a product that the market not only wants, but desperately needs. With our solution, we take all of the uncertainty plaguing users and regulators by using blockchain technology to ensure that users, investors and interested parties can directly verify odds, results and payouts in a transparent immutable manner.

This is a necessary and big vision, thankfully we’ve found a strategic partner whose ethos and vision not only aligns with our own, but whose technical capabilities will help us expand it to new heights. has partnered with, and will launch Mainnet on the VeChainThor Platform.

Why the VeChain Foundation?

From a technical and strategic standpoint, the VeChain Platform has always stood out to not only the team, but the global business community as a whole. It’s a platform that has cemented its long-term value through its strategic partnerships, both disruptive and traditional.

When talking with the VeChain Foundation, reviewing documentation, and collaborating with the team, it was apparent to us that the VeChainThor Blockchain is revolutionary, it is necessity, and it is the future.

We’ve been guided first-hand through the technical capabilities of their Mainnet. Concurrently, our team has continued to plow ahead development wise with the development of our Mainnet and product offerings using Ethereum-based smart contracts. However, we got to a point where we knew VeChain was the right path forward for us, and we made the call.

There’s no looking back, and both parties couldn’t be happier.

The transition to VeChain will be smooth, their product is world-class, and they have designed this system to help onboard parties like ours, who are frustrated with Ethereum.

Some reasons why we made the decision to launch on VeChainThor Blockchain:

  • The Vechain platform has proven itself to be a leading global enterprise level public platform through its consistent track record, global partners and overarching roadmap.
  • They are extremely well structured, networked, and efficient and offer access to people, resources, and opportunities that most strategic partners, incubators,and investors simply cannot.
  • The VeChain Foundation have proven that they are pioneers in real-world applications of blockchain technology. The gaming sector is among the most obvious use-cases for blockchain and together, our capabilities to create disruptive technology are greatly enhanced.
  • VeChain is all about creating momentum in accelerating towards integration into the mainstream, and DBET shares the same vision.
  • VeChain has been vocal in their support of projects within VeChain ecosystem, we plan to tap into those developer tools and resources.
  • Their use of VTHO revolutionizes our business model and allows us to create stability in ways that were a nightmare to design in Ethereum.
  • User experience is everything, and the VeChain Platform will allow far greater transaction speeds than Ethereum and thus a more seamless gaming experience.
  • VeChain can send mass transactions at one time to an equal amount of different addresses which will heighten our operational capabilities.
  • The partnership will strengthen our access to strategic Asia-Pacific partners and investors, a region which we consider operationally critical and a key strategic target of ours.
There are more opportunities to explore with VeChain. It opens up the imagination and raises the ceiling for what our platform can become.

Overall, this will result in delaying the launch of our Mainnet as we finalize our technology adoption into the VeChain Platform. However, this will not be a time of developmental stagnation. In fact, it will allow for the concurrent development of our offerings and allow us to bring a more holistic product offering to the table upon launch.

This is a decision which we didn’t make lightly and it was one which was made with a focus on what was not only best for our community and token, but what was best for our long-term business viability.

What we have done to get to here?

As our developers work with the VeChain Foundation to ready Mainnet for launch on their blockchain platform, we’ve already positioned ourselves for the important next steps.

Let’s recap what we have done in the past few weeks:

  1. We’ve secured a gaming license enabling entry into over 125 jurisdictions and we are in the process of securing our second gaming license.
  2. We have added to our already seasoned team with several new additions who together, combine for more than 60 years of gaming experience. Our new team members include:
  • Mark Lipparelli— (Advisor) Mark is an all star in the gaming industry. Holding esteemed roles such as Senator of Nevada State Senate and Chairman The Nevada Gaming Control Board, also known as the State Gaming Control Board which oversees the regulation of gaming
  • Brian Balsbaugh — (VP of Global Strategy) — Brian has been a fixture in the gaming world for 15 years, negotiating and brokering thousands of deals for his individual and corporate clients
  • James Sullivan — (In-House Counsel) — James is a longtime sports industry veteran. He began his career as a sports agent, representing Olympic skiing and snowboarding athletes
  • Steve Preiss — (VP of Marketing) — Steve has nearly 20 years of related experience in the technology and gaming industries, covering a wide spectrum of verticals
  • Mark Herberholz— (Casino Operations Advisor) Mark spent three years at Pinnacle Sports, one of the world’s sharpest online sportsbooks, where he managed live betting lines and created trading strategies

3. We’ve partnered with institutional investors to be DBET advocates and warehoused our tokens.

4. When we’re ready to launch on VeChain, we’ll open up our first staking session where users can, for the first time ever, participate in being the house for a casino.

Where do we go from here?

Time to smash gaming industry paradigms

We believe the business case for partnering with VeChain is a no-brainer.

It’s something that’s not only exciting but a partnership that will completely remove any explicit or implicit barriers that our platform used to have.

As we approach Mainnet, we have several key announcements that will radically alter how people perceive the future of DBET.

The VeChain Ecosystem does not merely provide a public blockchain that allows for the easy creation and migration of sidechain solutions and dApps. It is an Ecosystem that also represents strategic advice, development suggestions, partnerships and enterprise relationships. With the help and the resources of VeChain, we are pleased to say that we can set our bars higher, and our goals loftier.

We want to give our community a general overview of where we are going in the future, a future which will be divided into four phases which explicitly represent our new, vastly expanded goals and vision.

The four phases of development are:

  1. Firing Room: Reshaping and consolidating what we have done so far. This includes finishing up our Mainnet and building our first application/game ready to be used by the public.
  2. Booster Phase: The vertical and continual expansion of our online casino games which will include further developed slots, table games, blackjack, poker and other unique platform offerings.
  3. Frontier Expansion: Horizontal expansion into different types of houses within the betting realm based on market needs and wants. Strategic areas will include: Esports, comprehensive sports betting and skill based betting.
  4. After Burner: A comprehensive strategic upgrade of everything

We are working to provide a slew of news releases and exchange listing in the short future and will provide updates as soon as legally able.

Track our Progress

As we port on to VeChainThor Blockchain and ready the new launch of Mainnet, track our progress on our various social channels:

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Also, stay tuned for our Founder and CEO, Jedidiah Taylor’s upcoming podcast series.

This is just the start of more much more exciting news in the coming weeks. Buckle up, enjoy the ride.

*DBET tokens can be traded on the HITBTC exchange