Partners with Malta-Based Blockchain Advisory Limited

Firm Will Provide Guidance in Obtaining Gaming License for Key EU Nations

As prepares for Mainnet launch on the VeChainThor platform, we’ve been exploring expanding into jurisdictions not covered by our Dominica gaming license.

While our Dominica license provides coverage in 125 countries, some key nations in the EU do not fall under its domain. As such, we’ve been aggressively searching for a partner to help guide us towards securing a broader EU-based online gaming license while applying for individual country jurisdictions.

Additionally, finding a partner that understood blockchain gaming and the unique complexities around it was critical.

With that in mind, has partnered Malta-based Blockchain Advisory Limited.

Malta, recognized as the iGaming capital of the world, provides .com coverage to over 180 countries across the globe, including major EU markets. The European market in general comprises the largest share of online gaming revenue, with total GGR expected to exceed €24.9 billion by 2020.

Blockchain Advisory Limited is one of the very few advisory firms in Malta that has actively worked on past and present ICOs, exchanges, and crypto-funds. Its Managing Director, Jonathan Galea, and Partner, Anton Dalli, have been active in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies collectively for more than nine years.

“We’re not doing our job if we’re not trying to reach as many potential customers as possible,” said founder and CEO, Jedidiah Taylor. “Blockchain Advisory Limited is one of the only companies in the world with the knowledge and experience to help us expand our presence in key jurisdictions across Europe.”

Blockchain Advisory Limited offers consulting services from legal, technical, and fundamental perspectives, ensuring that all relevant areas are covered so as to better enable the success of the clients’ projects.

“It is our pleasure to work on a pioneering project such as, which to date is one of the first decentralised casino projects, and definitely the one holding the most promise,” said Managing Director, Jonathan Galea. “With an experienced team at its helm, and a vibrant community supporting it, may well rival the traditional online gambling industry in the near future and revolutionise the way such casinos operate.”

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