Sales, Distribution and Incentives

The sales provide you with the prospect to add new feature-packed Demons to your wallet. The sales and distribution of demons will be made according to the Step Curve. Considering all the aspects, we have determined the fair value for each NFT.

Each NFT is placed into a batch based on its pricing. We have constructed four such batches, consisting of 25 NFTs each.

The price of 3000 ZILs is decided for the first batch of NFTs, 6000 ZILs for the second batch, 9000 ZILs for the third batch and 12000 ZILs for the final batch. According to the invested amount of the buyer during the sale, any one of the 25 NFTs falling within that price range will be randomly allocated to the buyer. Not only that but buyers will also be incentivized for buying NFT in the sale.

Why not Bonding Curve

Step Curve is a function derived from the initial phases of the bonding curve. Distribution as per the bonding curve makes the pricing rise exponentially for the later stage purchases. In contrast, the step curve resolved this problem by steadily incrementing the price for each separate batch of demons.

From the above graph, it is evident to say why the step curve is more feasible as in the case of the step curve, the value for the NFTs of batch 4(i.e. 75–100) is limited to 12000 ZILs , while the bonding curve is approaching significantly to much higher values.

Incentives & NFT Earning Mechanism

For each purchased NFT during the sale, you will get 200 DMZ as an extra bonus. Not only that after buying the NFT, but it will also reward you with $DMZ just by residing in your wallet. For each NFT, there will be a wallet embedded in NFT(ZRC1) smart contract itself. $DMZ rewards will be given periodically to NFT holders accumulated in the smart contracts. A large $DMZ reward pool (2,499,999.0 DMZ) is established to reward all the users.

The amount of $DMZ that you will earn from your NFTs is directly proportional to the duration you hold your NFTs. So being an early adopter will be rewarding for you as your adopted NFTs will earn more DMZ from the reward pool. You need to level up your NFTs to a minimum of level-2. On reaching this level, the options for reward yielding will get unlocked.

->Each Originals NFT will generate 1500 DMZ annually.

->Each Decedents NFT will generate 500 DMZ annually.

With the current size of the reward pool, NFT Yields will last for three years, but as more and more people will level up their Demons, the $DMZ burned in leveling up will be transferred to the newly created reward pool, which will make NFT yield farming last for a longer time hence yielding more rewards in turn.