What does $200 Ether mean?
Vinay Gupta

I always enjoy reading your expressions. Though often long winded..

Still pretty cool to see that all it takes is a few blog posts and a few speaking engagements to become a millionaire! “Does that make $ense?” And to think metro’s not even live yet.. Ether will hit $200.. Then 3.. and $0 on.. But, ethereum will never get it’s soul back. Ask Gav.. Ask Stephan.. Ask Vlad.. Ask Texture.. Ask Ian.. Ask Wendell.. Ask Kepler.. Ask Hoskinson.. Ask Mihai.. Ask Liston.. Ask Alex.. Ask Ming.. Ask Primavera. So what’s your VC firm’s name? Is it just you? Do you invest in ICO’s? Taking crypto-equity stake positions?

3y3 to 3y3 handshakes and a person’s vvord don’t need blockchains, or gas to execute. I’m interested in real magick.. aren’t you? (((418)))

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