August 20, 2018
ESQLegal, Denver Colorado

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The meetup grew larger this month, both in audience size and in the scope of presentation topics, with all talks much different this time around. Decentralize Colorado talks can show how broad the blockchain space can be. Open your mind and “make some room in your mental ram” for the diverse blockchain ideas ahead. Here is a recap…

Jason Hartgrave — Chief Marketing Officer at Inventive
Making Moves Towards Mass Adoption of Crypto

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Jason Hartgrave — Inventive

Jason Hartgrave begins his lightning talk with this important question, “Have you made your commitment to crypto?”. He suggests many ways to become active in the blockchain community and to lead mass adoption through action. Opportunities are apparent where we are now, at the beginnings of the crypto movement. For a more information, view Jason’s video presentation and slides. …


Decentralize Colorado

Lighting talks from the blockchain community

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