Dear DML Community,

Here is our latest update about our research and development progress. While we are designing and developing a scalable and stable infrastructure, enable user to tokenize their data is a consideration.

In DML’s infrastructure, data owners specify the data type they would like to share, and the application will have to collect the data and make it ready for business users to run machine learning algorithms on it. Since data owner is the one who own the data and give permissions, data sovereignty can be ensured when data owner can issue their data as non-fungible token.

Non-Fungible Token


Dear DML Community,

Here is our latest update about our research and development progress. While the user facing use case is one of the key for mass adoption, design and develop a scalable and stable infrastructure is another.

In DML infrastructure, the system has to be able to cater with micro-transactions for a large group of data owners, machine learning activities, and marketplace activities. And high transaction cost, slow transaction speed, scalability issue of existing public blockchains would be a burden for DML use cases.

In order to enable us to leapfrog our development, we are currently testing and evaluating…

Dear DML Community,

Here is our latest update about our development progress. Over the past months, we have been identifying our first use case making use of customers’/app users’ big data on top of our DML Infrastructure, including the payment channels for transactions.

The goal of the first use case is to let users easily integrate and access their own data, and then securely monetize it. Today, we are going to announce such use cases — our upcoming mobile app, LifeSyn.

LifeSyn — Empowers and Inspires You to be More Productive

LifeSyn is a lifestyle data hub, it contains a concatenate insight of data, integrated in the dashboard on a…

Project Lead Michael Kwok (left) and Blockchain Developer Victor Cheung (right) presented in HKSTP Blockchain Accelerator Demo Day.

Dear DML Community,

Today we are going to announce another piece of great news that we have been selected as one of the startup finalists in the first Blockchain Accelerator in Hong Kong, jointly launched by Molecular Hub (Mhub), Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI).

Dear DML Community,

New Exchange — Hotbit

We are pleased to announce that DML is listed on Hotbit! Token holders can start to deposit DML since 2 January 2019 11:00 (UTC+8) and the DML/ETH trading pair is launched at 3 January 2019 15:00 (UTC+8).

For details of the listing, please refer to below:

**Edited on 3 January 2019 15:00 (UTC+8) — added url for DML/ETH trading pair on Hotbit**

Please refer to below for DML/ETH trading pair on Hotbit:

In celebration of the listing of DML on Hotbit, during the event period, all users will enjoy 0 transaction fee when conducting any DML…

Dear DML Community,

All of you shall understand the cryptocurrency markets had performed badly during the last few months, and this prolonged bear market has affected a lot of outstanding, exceptional projects. Inevitably, this environment has also imposed impact on us, making us to limit our team size and development pace. Having said that, thanks to our lean structure adopted and our thin startup philosophy since the very inception, these negative effects by the market are still manageable by us.

Our mission to democratize the big data and machine learning spaces remains unchanged, and we are determined to make this…

Dear DML Community,

We are delighted to update you about our latest tech development progress.

Marketplace Overhaul

Our new marketplace has made quite a bit of progress this month. We have completed integration with 2 API on the new Elixir backend (added support for storing & validating wallet address on backend API, added JSON API standard to backend API), with two more remaining to go. A staging site has also been deployed for internal testing to make sure that we can provide the best user experience for our users and developers. …

Dear DML Community,

Here we bring to you our latest update. In this update, we will talk about our technical progress, the recap in Hybrid Summit 2018 and also our participation in the TechXLR8 Asia.

Technical Progress Update

We are delighted to see our month 1 milestone is on schedule. In addition, we have also prioritized part of our milestones in order to better accommodate with our development sequence. Please refer below for our progress report:

Month 1 Milestones

Verify Algo Execution and Data Processing; Start Accepting Algos (completed)

Users, Bounty, Algo Off-Chain Endpoints Complete (completed)

Base UI Components Complete (completed)

New Algo…

Dear DML Community,

First we need to say thank you for the supports we received countinously despite the difficult times we all have come across in the past months. DML Team is maintaining the composure and focus on our product development, to deliver our mission of democratizing the machine learning spaces. We are committed to make it happen. In this update, we will talk about our detailed technical milestones for the next few months.

Engineering Updates

The prototype of DML Algo Marketplace has been completed. …

DML Community,

We are very excited to present another update to our community. DML Team is speeding up for the outreach and marketing efforts. Our Team members have been travelling to Thailand and Japan to spread the message in front of the stage.

Hybrid Summit 2018

This year’s Hybrid Summit is held in Bangkok, Thailand at 28th and 29th July, with over 2,000+ attendees and 30+ media participating from all over the world.

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