How to participate in the DCX ICO


For the iComply comprehensive Investor Guide Please first visit:

or continue below for the specialized guide to participate in the DecentraX Initial Coin Offering (ICO):

“On-Boarding” sign up to the DCX Token offering with this Link:

Video Tutorials:

Investor On-boarding Instructions
Adding a Wallet Guide
Signing Wallets with MEW

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) enables funding of projects through the sale of tokens. Investors and supporters of the project can purchase tokens at earlier stages in the company’s development, usually at a reduced cost from what is projected, as they are listed on exchanges. DecentraX (DCX) has created our ICO with the intent to offer 11 million DCX tokens that will be used for the development of the DecentraX project. Once the ICO period has been sold out, the focus on the development of the DecentraX decentralized exchange and customized hardware & chips will take precedent. Our roadmap has been outlined in the white paper with realistic goals for development. Our team has a transparent and open development process, where we strive to hold ourselves accountable to each other and to our investors, as we build out and launch the exchange.

With that, we’ve created a step by step process for those interested in becoming early investors in DCX. This process is not as complicated as it seems and we’re hoping to make it as seamless as possible. In addition, our administrative teams will be available around the clock to support customer inquiries via Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.

Step 1. Complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) information.

The DecentraX ICO will be managed from the website in conjunction with iComply. This will be your initial step to ensure that you are eligible to participate. DecentraX is a registered D company in the state of Wyoming. This means that it is recognized by the SEC as a security. DCX took this route to ensure a more transparent viewing of the company and its obligations to its investors. Being that DCX is a registered security, United State citizens MUST BE accredited investors, as recognized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to participate in the ICO. Citizens registered from outside the United States are not required to meet that definition. Non-accredited United States citizens can still invest in DecentraX, but only once DCX is listed on global exchanges. For further inquiries into those requirements, please refer to the SEC website at Those meeting this requirement will continue through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Initial whitelisted investors will receive an onboarding link from DecentraX which looks like the link below:

DecentraX ICO Stage 1 Link:

Once you receive the link from DecentraX, this will give you a basic outline of the steps needed to go through the KYC process.

Clicking on the link will take you to a page like this:

DCX — iComply start registration process / login page

If you already have an iComply Account, you can ignore the instructions below and just log in to the sale page.


Clicking begin registration will allow you to fill in the following information:

DCX — iComply Registration Page

Create account

Clicking submit will take you to the following page. Go to your email and click the confirmation link

confirm email — registration complete

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation

Investor Setup

New Investors

Starting your investor setup

New investor setup

Enter Personal Details

ID Verification process

ID Verification

Follow the instructions provided to you on the ID verification screen. For best results use a passport.

ID Verified

ID Verification Complete

Setup Complete

KYC Review Process

If you see immediate Approval you can move on to the Purchasing DCX Tokens by following the rest of the tutorial. If you are not immediately approved then please email

Or you can wait for our internal team, we will review the submitted information and documents to ensure all requirements are met. Once approved, you will be notified via email that you are eligible to participate in the DCX ICO with additional information/guidelines to complete your investment.

Step 2. Create your Ethereum Wallet

Adding your Wallet

The DCX ICO is an Ethereum based investment. Therefore, your first step will be to set up your Ethereum wallet. There are many tools and apps available to you in the market. Be sure to focus on one that supports new ERC-20 tokens. Some examples of that are:

● MyEtherWallet

● Ethereum Online Wallet

● MetaMask

You can choose whichever wallet you’re comfortable with, but for our step by step process, we will use MetaMask as outlined in the iComply investor guide.

In order to participate in the ICO, you will need to purchase Ether (ETH) from a cryptocurrency exchange. That Etherium will then be sent to your new ETHER WALLET and eventually used to make your investment into the DCX ICO through the MetaMask wallet on iComply website.

There are many exchanges out there, such as Coinbase and Bittrex, that will allow you to trade fiat currency for Ethereum directly. Best to research costs and fees for your transaction. Please NOTE, you will NOT send ETH from the exchange of your choice to the ICO address. Once you purchase your Etherium, you will have to send it from the exchange to your new ETHERIUM WALLET using the address associated with it.

Step 3: Creating your iComply wallet

Investor Dashboard

Investor Dashboard

Clicking on the on-boarding link you initially created after creating your account will register you for the DCX Token Sale.

Adding your new or pre-existing Ledger, Trezor, or MEW ETH Address

Make sure you look up the instructions for using your Ledger, Trezor or other hardware wallet with MEW. For example Ledger requires you to go into the settings and allow Contract Data to “Yes” and Browser Support to “Yes”

In your DecentraX investor Dashboard you will want to go into the “Manage Wallets” tab and click the “Add new Wallet”

Manage Wallets and Adding a ETH Wallet Address

Once Add New Wallet is clicked a pop-up will show. You need to select “MyEtherWallet” and copy the code under “Sign this message”

You then need to visit MyEtherWallet, and scroll to the bottom of the page. MEW allows Address ownership to be signed by clicking “Sign Message” located at the Footer (Bottom) of the page (Please see Photo Below)

Sign a Message for MEW or Hardware wallets with MyEtherWallet

Make sure you paste the message you get from your DecentraX (iComply) investor dashboard, once you hit “Sign Message” you will also confirm the signature in your hardware wallet by physically hitting the button(s) to confirm it. You will then have the “Signature” in a new page.

Your Signature to Copy / Paste into your DecentraX investor Dashboard

Make sure you only copy/paste over the numbers/letters after and before the “, Quotation and Coma marks. (There should be no “sig”: “ ///// “, in your signature only numbers and letters) If you have done this correctly your wallet will be added. If you have any issues adding your wallet(s) please email

Adding a wallet

Adding Wallet Video Tutorial:

Go to wallet management and click add new wallet — a pop up will come up to enter your Ethereum address which will pop up a Metamask to sign (for wallet ownership verification)

Add your Address
Wallet Signing
Wallet Added

Completing your purchase

Once your wallet is ‘whitelisted’ then click back on your link or go back into your investor dashboard and click into the “Investor Dashboard” tab — Click “Buy Tokens”

Investor Dashboard buying DCX ICO Token Offering

You will get to a purchase page like the one below — clicking ‘Complete with Metamask’ will create a pop up to confirm your purchase with Metamask, or complete with MyEtherWallet to be redirected to and complete your purchase of DCX.

Alternatively you can send funds from any other wallet (NO EXCHANGE WALLET) to the address shown on the website for the DCX ICO.

DecentraX crowdsale address: 0x3c17462b2dea66949b1c97b1bb179065b0657ecc

How to Buy DCX Tokens and free Equity

NOTE: You will see a big number when purchasing tokens — this is due to the decimals in Ethereum and we are working on abstracting this for users. For the time being you can ignore this. Essentially if the issuer has set 18 decimals then a purchase of 1 token here would show up as ‘Purchasing 100000000000000000 tokens using…”

If you did not want to purchase right then, you are now registered for the DCX Token Sale. Going back to the ‘Registered ICO’s’ page of your dashboard will allow you to ‘buy tokens’ whenever you are ready to proceed.

In order to participate now, type in the amount of ETH you want to invest and click on the COMPLETE TRANSACTION WITH METAMASK button on the bottom left hand of the screen.

DecentraX is estimated to be listed at $2.5 — $3 per DCX at the end of the ICO. Please keep in mind that ETH prices do change rapidly, so this pricing will give you a more general idea of what amount of DCX to expect once the transaction has been completed.

Congratulations, you are now an early investor in DecentraX.

Registered ICO Page

Step 5: Adding tokens to Metamask and Viewing your DCX in your wallet

Once your tokens are issued you can add the token address as a custom token to Metamask (or whichever wallet you are using) — this will be different from the address you sent tokens to (crowdsale address)

Adding DCX Token to your MEW / ETH Wallet

Once the investment has been made and confirmed on the blockchain, DecentraX will immediately send your DCX to the wallet address that it received your ETH from. You’ll need to create the DCX token in your wallet to gain visibility to it. You will start by opening your wallet as you did before. You will then click Add Custom Token. A new box will appear with three areas for input: Token Address, Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision.

You will enter the following address from the DCX wallet:


For Token Symbol, you will enter DCX. For Decimals, you will enter the number 18.

Then hit Next. Within a matter of seconds, you will then see your purchased DCX balance noted in your wallet.

That will complete the process and you are now an investor in the DecentraX ICO and our vision for a revolutionary DCX network. We are excited to have you believe in our company and look forward to continued success as partners on our journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a minimum amount of investments during the Token sale?

Minimum purchase amount is 1,000 USD. It is approximately 500 DCX Depending on the price of ETH.

In what currencies do you accept payments?

DCX will be an ETH based investment. You can, however, use any cryptocurrency or fiat to acquire ETH via cryptocurrency exchanges.

When will the tokens begin to trade on the exchanges? On which ones?

Token holders* will be able to trade their tokens on approved exchanges after token distribution. Detailed list of exchanges with names and dates will be announced after the ICO is over. Please follow the news on our official marketing resources.

*DCX Tokens acquired in the ICO will be subject to resale restrictions in accordance with U.S. securities laws.

How much funds have you raised at Pre-Sale?

Private Pre-sale has recently finished. DecentraX Private Pre-sale raised $225,000 USD.

What is a total supply of DCX tokens? Are you going to issue additional tokens, after ICO?

25 million (25,000,000) DCX is the total supply, never to increase. DecentraX will issue 12.5 million DCX for Pre-Development and another 12.5 million after development.

Token information:


Token symbol:


Token standard:

Ethereum ERC20

Token price on ICO:

1 DCX = $1.00 — $2.50 USD

Token available at Pre-sale:

1,000,000 DCX

Token available at ICO:

11,000,000 DCX

Total token supply:

25,000,000 DCX

Soft cap:

50,000 ETH

Hard cap:

110,000 ETH

Accepted currency:


Unsold tokens:

Will be redistributed to development


Total Supply: 25 million (Never to increase)

1. Pre-Development: Circulating Supply: 12.5 million

• Presale: 1 Million (marketing for ICO, and rolled over into development)

• ICO: 11 Million (used for development of the DecentraX project)

• Marketing, Pre-Development: 500,000 (website, whitepaper, marketing)

2. Distributed after Developed: 12.5 million

• Staking Rewards: 6 Million

• Development: 6 Million

• Time Locked: 500,000

3. Network Fees Distribution

• 30% of fees to Development

• 25% back to POS fees

  • 45% to masternode operators

Connect with DecentraX









ICO Bench:


ICO Whitelist Sign up Starts — 10/1/2018

ICO Starts — 10/30/2018

ICO Ends — 10/15/2019 (Or when Hardcap is met)