Deng Feiji, the Chairman of China Blockchain Alliance, will take part in the Second Congress of Decenturion Citizens

The founder of Tramp Capital and the Chairman of the China Blockchain Alliance, Deng Feiji, will give a speech on the strategy of cohesive development in the blockchain sector and will talk about the course on the value investment that was taken by the Ministry of Industry, Decenturion.

August 23rd, 2018 — The Decenturion State, which uses decentralized technologies in its economy, lawmaking and social sphere, will hold the Second Congress of citizens. The event will be held on September 13th at the Crocus City Hall and will host over 3,000 blockchain enthusiasts, willing to become part of the decentralized autonomous society, Decenturion.

Mr. Deng, the founder of Tramp Capital and the Chairman of China Blockchain Alliance, will participate in the Second Congress of Decenturion citizens. Together with the Minister of Industry in the Russian region, Alexander Forostin, Mr. Feiji will perform with the speech on “The strategy of cohesive development, the course on value investment”.

“Blockchain is our future, so we must always keep up with the modern rhythm. This will be my first trip to Russia, to Moscow and I look forward to getting to know both the citizens and the ministers of Decenturion and discuss the plans of development”, commented Mr. Deng.

Before 2013, when Mr. Feiji started investing in cryptocurrency, he invested in funds, stocks and real estate. Now he is an angel investor in such projects as BITCOIN, ETHERIUM, HUOBI token, HSHARE, BITRENT and others.

Within the framework of the Second Congress, the principles of the economy of the Decenturion State will be considered. The Ministry of Industry will hold a comprehensive exhibition of startups working on blockchain technology. 10 best projects will present their ideas on the main stage.

The culmination of the program will be the first democratic vote of citizens in the history of the Decenturion.

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Information about China Blockchain Alliance:

China Blockchain Alliance Club is a professional blockchain platform and blockchain community that was invested by Trump Capital (Wangpai Capital) and created in conjunction with representatives of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and relevant organizations and associations. China Blockchain Alliance focuses all its attention on the construction of the blockchain market, channel planning, marketing management and incubation of talents. China Blockchain Alliance also provides a broad communication and investment platform where each investment team is simultaneously integrated and independent and can synchronize to receive information on value, channels, teams and technologies. A large number of investors have the opportunity to conquer the blockchain market, and the blockchain enthusiasts get access to the innovations of blockchain technology.

As of June 2018, the strategic alliance of China Blockchain Alliance Club has exceeded 300 associations and organizations.

Information about blockchain-state Decenturion.

Decenturion is the first decentralized state in the world, in which the economy, management and communications are built on blockchain technology. The date of foundation is June 4, 2018.

In Decenturion, a citizen is the main value of the state, and their prosperity is the main goal of Decenturion. Citizens do not pay taxes to Decenturion. On the contrary, Decenturion transfers all its assets free of charge to its citizens in the form of tokens of startups admitted to the Decenturion market.

Relations between Decenturion and the citizen are regulated through a smart contract, which is available by the link

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