The first Russian Congress of DECENTURION citizens took place in Moscow

DECENTURION, a Blockchain state with an economy based on instruments of direct democracy, held the first congress of its citizens in Moscow. Over 1500 people received passports of the blocking state, took part in the educational program of six DECENTURION ministries, and became participants of the first distribution of tokens of the three active startups that were admitted to the DECENTURION market.


“DECENTURION is the world’s first Blockchain state that fully implements the technology for building the economy, the constitution and the processes of lawmaking. We have developed our own module for the formation of the wiki-constitution based on the Blockchain. It allows everyone to take every vote into account, opening opportunities for direct lawmaking to all citizens. “

At the moment, 120 thousand citizens are registered in the DECENTURION. The increase of citizens now equals to 10 thousand new citizens a day.

Three companies were represented at the first Russian congress, each of which distributed 500 thousand own tokens among the citizens of DECENTURION within the framework of entering the DECENTURION market.

DeTex — the first cryptocurrency exchange of the DECENTURION state;

Unicom24 — a platform of p2p crediting;

Bitrent — the company responsible for the development of real estate on the (future) territory of the DECENTURION state.

The distribution of startup tokens will come into force after August 1st, 2018, based on the results of the emission of the first 100 000 DCNT tokens. The number of DCNT tokens that are in the possession of each citizen will determine the amount of tokens each one of them will receive from startups admitted to the DECENTURION market.”


“The Ministry of Industry of the DECENTURION state is planning to attract 300 startups by the end of 2018. Once having become a part of the DECENTURION economy, they will give away 50% of their tokens emission to the DECENTURION citizens, which is equivalent to $50 million. The revenue from each DCNT token will amount to $25 thousand a year.”


“DECENTURION unites the most effective and talented people in the world. We provide all our citizens the opportunity for the unlimited acceleration of their own potential. Our key task is to train the maximum number of citizens to conduct effective economic activity in the DECENTURION internal and external markets.”


“Good startups stopped entering the ICO market as they cannot find an effective platform with an audience of relevant and wealthy users. Until the end of 2018, there will be 1 million citizens in DECENTURION, who are ready to actively invest and develop the token economy of the DECENTURION state, as well as the economy of startups entering the market of the state. “


“The main task of the DECENTURION is to gain sovereignty and become a permanent member of the UN. On June 4th, we delivered a report on our state at the UN headquarters and are already planning to attend one of the UN meetings in Geneva in September 2018. As a part of the development of the Blockchain technology and its implementation in public administration, we are planning to establish the United Blockchain Nations.”

How to become a DECENTURION citizen

To become a citizen of DECENTURION, one ought to complete the registration procedure and activate their citizenship at A citizen will receive a personal lending page in the general structure of the DECENTURION state and a guide to participation in economic activities.

On August 1, 2018, 100 000 DCNT tokens will be distributed among the registered citizens of DECENTURION. The system will distribute free DCNT tokens to each citizen who added their ETH wallet address with a positive balance, in proportion to the volume of the ethereum on their wallets at the time of emission.

Information about the Blockchain state DECENTURION

DECENTURION is the world’s first decentralized state, where the economy, management, and communications are built on Blockchain technologies. DECENTURION is one of the best projects represented at Consensus 2018 by the version of the business edition, Entrepreneur.

DECENTURION exists thanks to the activities of its citizens. They do not pay taxes, and DECENTURION transfers all its assets to the citizens in the form of startups tokens admitted to the DECENTURION market.

The liquid crypto currency received as a result of the sale of tokens on the enternal market, becomes a citizen’s profit and is not subject to any taxes in the DECENTURION.

Startups distribute their tokens among DECENTURION citizens and get a huge audience of millions of potential users, hundreds of thousands of resellers, tens of thousands of citizens involved in the promotion of the project, and thousands of professional consultants.