The Ministry of Strategic Development has been established in the Decenturion State

According to the results of the Strategic Session, where the development prospects of Decenturion were determined, a new Ministry has been established in the structure of state administration. The Ministry also included an initiative group of citizens, which appealed to the creators of Decenturion with a package of proposals for improving the structure of the internal market.

October 08th, 2018 — The Ministry of Strategic Development (MSD) of the Decenturion State will be creating, testing and implementing new business strategies, as well as refining the concepts of other ministries to show the world an example of public administration based on decentralized technologies.

The Ministry will be led by an inspiring and visionary leader of the Decenturion State, Nikolay Evdokimov, who now combines the management of the Ministry of Strategic Development and the Ministry of Information of the State.

Structure of the Ministry of Strategic Development:

  1. The head of the Ministry — Nikolay Evdokimov.
  2. Deputy Minister and Head of the MSD Council — Maxim Sizov, adviser, crypto-investor and trader, administrator of a number of newsgroups, serial entrepreneur.
  3. The supervisory board of the Ministry, which includes the ministers and senators of Decenturion.
  4. The Council under the Ministry created on the basis of an initiative group of citizens.

Tasks of the Ministry of Strategic Development:

● Development of mathematical and economic models.

● Business design and token modeling.

● Improving the current performance of the State.

Council functions at the Ministry of Strategic Development:

● Consideration of ideas and opinions on the development of the State, received from the citizens;

● Filtering, editing, formalizing proposals for technical performance;

● Participation in the work on improving the user interface and usability of the Decenturion website.

According to Maxim Sizov, “The main task of the Сouncil is to serve as a link between citizens of the State, its creators, ministries and other structures established to manage the Decenturion State”.

Ideas, opinions and appeals to the Minister of Strategic Development Nikolay Evdokimov can be sent through the feedback form.

Information about Nikolay Evdokimov

Inspirer and ideological leader of the Decenturion State. He is a recognized expert in blockchain and IT technologies. Until 2014, he was engaged in the automation of advertising processes, launched about 10 large projects, the most famous of which at that time was SeoPult. In 2014, he entered the mining market, in 2016 he became a professional participant in the ICO market, where he launched more than 120 startups. Serial entrepreneur, blockchain guru, popular public speaker, author of over 500 publications and 7 books, co-owner of Argon Group, ICOBox and others. Included in the top 10 successful young Russian entrepreneurs from the Forbes list. When creating the state, he headed the Ministry of Information.

Information about the Decenturion State

Decenturion is the world’s first state that uses decentralized technologies in the economy, lawmaking and social sphere, and helping to introduce them to other states.

The state was founded on June 4, 2018. The official date of foundation is timed to the first speech of Decenturion representatives at a special UN event in New York, USA.

The number of citizens in October 2018 exceeds 280 thousand It is expected that their number will grow to 1,8 million by 2019. Decenturion takes the first place in the world for the density of dollar millionaires per capita, the level of education and the level of IT literacy.

At the moment, Decenturion is in the process of acquiring a territory that will allow it to obtain the status of an independent state and in accordance with the regulations, to join the UN.

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