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De Charles
Jul 12 · 4 min read
Two decades ago I was one of those living in the shadows. I was born with amniotic band syndrome in a deeply challenging township in Durban, South Africa.

“The story is that there are 80 million people in Africa with physical and/or intellectual disabilities…They are the subclass in the continent we perceive to be the poorest on earth.”

“I do believe that through my successes as a para athlete and advocacy, a global spotlight can be shone on this issue; and if that can happen, change could happen.”

I aim to use my disability story, journey and eventual success in Tokyo, to put a deserved global spotlight on Africa’s disabled and change attitudes beyond 2020.

How am I calling you to action? Pass this statement on if you know somebody who is living or caring for someone with disabilities anywhere in the world. Otherwise use social media to @someone who cares.

De Charles

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We build products and narratives with inspired founders, to create companies capable of changing global perceptions of Africa. www.decharles.com | @decharlesllp

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