Introducing React Native + Deco

David E. Chen
Feb 10, 2016 · 1 min read

I’m really excited about React Native, a JavaScript framework from Facebook for developing native mobile apps.

Over the years, I’ve evaluated many mobile development alternatives that promised a lot, but ultimately failed to deliver. I truly believe React Native is the real deal, and we are starting to see unstoppable momentum from developer excitement.

For a developer framework like React Native to become mainstream, the industry’s best developers need to love it and become its evangelists. And we are starting to see exactly that.

I say with confidence as a former [Apple] UIKit author: React’s model for the UI layer is vastly better than UIKit’s. React Native is a huge deal. —Andy Matuschak

Deco: New IDE for React Native

My excitement for React Native is why I started working on Deco, a new IDE that takes this really great framework to the next level by providing a developer environment that treats components as first-class citizens.

To demonstrate Deco, my co-founder Devin Abbott recorded a five minute video of him building an example app. He wanted to build something instantly recognizable, so he chose to make a small clone of Uber.

Sign up for Deco beta access and start building with React Native.


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