April 2016 Review

Here goes month 4.

Where did I go?
Sasaguri (Apr. 2), Itoshima (Apr. 16), Kurume (Apr. 23).

What adventures did I have?
Hanami with school friends at Ohori Park, Sasaguri 88: Part 1, West Jinja Meguri Day Trip, Itoshima Day Trip Bike Ride, Hakozaki Shrine to Waka Hachimangu Shrine walk, Strawberry Picking.

How many movies did I watch?
As of noon today, I have seen 7 movies in the last month bringing the total up to 1688 movies. Down by one from last month’s 8.

What shows did I watch?
11.22.63: Season 1, The 100: Seasons 3, Arrow: Season 4, Bates Motel: Season 4, Better Call Saul: Season 2, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 1, Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2, The Flash: Season 2, Fuller House: Season 1, Game of Thrones: Season 6, Gotham: Season 2, Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Last Man on Earth: Season 2, Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1, Life in Pieces: Season 1, Lucifer: Season 1, Modern Family: Season 7, New Girl: Season 5, Once Upon a Time: Season 5, Orphan Black: Season 4, Parenthood: Season 1–2 (rewatching with Nami), The Path: Season 1, Supergirl: Season 1, The Walking Dead: Season 6.

What did I do at my job?
New class (Panda class), entrance ceremony, birthday bus, April Birthday Party (the big turnip story), new school year nomikai.

How many blog entries did I write?
3 blog entries: 1 unique entry, 1 monthly dev blog, 1 monthly review.

How many geocaches did I find?
1 geocache in Fukuoka city.

How many goshuin seals did I recieve?
7 goshuins from different shrines and 2 from temples. 5 from Fukuoka, 2 from Itoshima, and 2 from Sasaguri.

What did I do at home?
Programmed 1073+, played Miitomo, studied a lot of kanji on Memrise and in the kanji atsume project.

What did I eat at restaurants?
Bagna Cauda and surprise parfait (basically Italian fondue) at a Izakaya called Ace in Tenjin with Nami(4/1), Club sandwich, pancakes, and creme brulé parfait at Royal Host with Nami to celebrate a new year in Meinohama (4/4), Cheese fries, chicken karaage, salad, pizza, loco moco, apple pie, and parfait at Café Gasto via a student’s 1万円 gift card (4/9), curry and nan at Sunset Café in Itoshima (4/16), omelette and pineapple pancakes at Eggs’n’Things (4/17), various appetizers and the super jumbo parfait at Sakura izakaya for the new school year nomikai (4/22), sushi with Nami at Fujimaru (4/23), MOS Burger and gochisou salad at MOS Burger (4/24).

4 months of 5.0.
April in coins.

How far along is the post-it blog?
110 post-its, 30 up from last month which makes this the first month of the project where no days are missing. 15 are mine, 15 are Nami’s.

What does April’s share of the coin project add up to?
April had 30 days and started at 92 yen a day on the first and ended with 121 coins today. April’s portions comes up to 3195 yen with 60 1円 coins, 15 5円 coins, 46 10円 coins, 8 50円 coins, 22 100円 coins. Bringing the totals to: 7381 yen. 241 1円 coins, 60 5円 coins, 21410円 coins, 50 50円 coins, and 22 100円 coins.

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