Dev Blog #1

Over the past 5 years I have been making a variety of video games around my character, Dex. I’ve been trying to finish one, but they always end up in abandonment. However, each time I create a new one, I use coding scraps, sprites, and tiles from older attempts and the newer one is even better. At the beginning of a new month, I started yet another game, but this time, putting as much effort into detail as I could. The last Dex game was probably back in 2004? And the last game that I released was back in 2005, although I did create a small finished game in 2012.

A screenshot from the entrance of Dex’s brother’s room.

This game has Dex waking up his room to an earthquake only to find out that basically his world (among other worlds) has been torn into pieces by another alien race and the only way to move between world pieces is to activate portals. I stole the portal idea from a game I attempted to make back in 2011 about snails traveling through portals. The cave sprites have been recycled along with most of the code. However the grass tiles were new and a lot of decorations were created specifically for this game. Specifically, I created an alien alphabet that can be seen in this screenshot in the electronic bulletin board as well as the green symbol on the machine near Dex is also a representative letter. Another thing that I did (which is a first for any of my games) is that the font for the letters was also created entirely by me, this way I can add various symbols to conversations as well as not worrying about any copyright infringement or what not.

Dex and his brother talking about what just happened.
Dex and DX23 walking between portals.

There are three characters that have made it into this game so far. Dex (of course), Izai (his brother), and a robot called DX23. Izai was a character created around 2005, and eventually turned into Dex’s older brother, who is an inventor of sorts and much of the mechanical things in the game come from his brother in an otherwise alien fantasy world. He has several scars as well as half of his face has been replaced with machinery. DX23 is a didgit, a type of floating orb robot that has been around in my games longer than Dex has. The difference is now there is an antenna coming off of it and it can project holograms, specifically the J.E.D. interface (Journeying Electronic Display), a newer take on my older character, Jed. There will be different ways to activate portals, but the main way is to collect triangle shards in each level.

Dex after he’s popped through the first portal.

Because I’ve been paying so much attention to detail, I haven’t really accomplished too much in the first month, but I feel like I should be able to get more done in the next month. I’ve basically finished (for the most part) two areas (Dex’s home and a pink land) and a big part of the engine for the main game. During the next month, I’ll continue adding things from older scrapped games as well as designing new materials. I’ll keep you updated next month’s Dev Blog #2.