History of my Aquariums

Recently, I’ve been enjoying my beta bowl at home, so I thought I’d write a blog about all of my home aquariums that I’ve had.

The pleco and one of the neon tetras in the back.
One of the kuhli loaches.

Back in 2010, living alone in Matsudo was the first time I was really an adult functioning on my own accord (I didn’t live with my family or a roommate), so I decided to spruce up my apartment with an aquarium. On February 18, 2010, I went out to a Japanese pet store and bought a plecostomus and two neon tetras for my first aquarium. To my knowledge I didn’t really name any of the fish at the time because I had no idea how to tell the two neon tetras apart. Three days later, I went back to the pet shop and I bought 2 kuhli loaches as well because they were cool and looked like snakes. The aquarium lasted my entire stay in Matsudo.

The snail tank and what I call the bear-arium.
Manila, Oso Negro, and Phrost (left to right) with Ringo chilling on the bottom.

Later that year on October 4th, when living back in Nebraska, I decided I wanted to start a new aquarium project, so I got a fish bowl and bought two mystery snails, one yellow which I named Manila (as in Manila envelopes) and one black which I named Oso Negro (black bear in Spanish). I kept them for a while and then a few months later in December, I expanded the aquarium by getting two African Dwarf Frogs and a ghost shrimp which were never really named. Then again on January 4, 2011, I got two more snails, a white/blue mystery snail which a friend named Ringo and an elephant snail which I named Phrost (on account of its frosted in appearance tip of its shell). A few months later when I moved to Thailand, my sister took the two remaining survivors (Manila and Ringo) and they died whilst in her care.

Darth Betta and Hasami on the day of procurement.
Hasami after a molt.

In 2011, when I moved to Thailand, I decided I wanted to start up another aquarium. So on May 9th, I purchased a crayfish (which one of my friends in Nebraska had) and a betta which I knew was easy to take care of (because of another friend). I named the crayfish, Hasami (ハサミ/scissors) and I named the Betta, Darth Betta. Darth Betta lasted an entire day due to Hasami getting hungry, not that I minded that much. It was interesting having a predator pet. I also enjoyed watching Hasami molt out his shell every month or so, this was also a new experience for me. It was fun watching him do anything, in general he was much more entertaining than anything in my first aquarium.

Hasami trying to catch Eeny.

During the last month of my stay, I procured four little fish as food for Hasami. I called them Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Mo. Whomever died first would become Eeny, thus they earned their names whenever they became Hasami’s prey. Gradually, usually once a week, Hasami would kill one. Upon leaving Thailand we took Hasami and Mo to release them (as I had seen crayfish there before) and Hasami ate Mo on the trip over. We released Hasami and had a touching ceremony releasing him and then soon we left Thailand.

Darth Betta’s tank with Lady Liberty and a sleeping Pikachu.

So after 4 years of having no aquariums (or pets apart from Zelda my dog at home in Nebraska), I finally decided to get something simple and yet still entertaining. On December 27, 2015, I purchased Mr. Kurowa (クロワッサン/croissaint) also known as Kuro-wan, he was named as such because when his tail is puffed up it resembles a croissaint. He came with two free plants (a stalk of some sort and some duckweed-esque lily pads. He has been enjoyable, he can be aggressive at times and often makes bubble nests. He often likes to jump out of the water to bite our fingers, so sometimes we place food pellets at the tip of the fingers so he’ll bite the food off.

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