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Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

A community requires moderation, according to consensual rules, much as police (are supposed to) enforce laws for public safety. I would not build an unmoderated comment section in a public application, mostly because of the spam, but also because people vent inappropriately in unexpected places. Social applications like Twitter are like comment threads. We must be careful not to over-moderate — I am more afraid of the Nanny State than I am of Anarchy. Setting consensus for the middle ground requires social and political skills, and the middle ground may shift subtly over time. After some of my inoffensive posts in Facebook groups supporting Bernie Sanders were quickly and inexplicably deleted by group admins, I wrote a post about the incongruity of censorship in a populist community, which was not deleted. A lot of members supported my encouragement of Free Speech in service of dialog within a democracy. Humans have been learning how to “communicate” on the Internet for about 25 years, a single generation. Many of us have not evolved beyond the school yard. Those of us who are more mature can set an example.

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