Story Excerpted from HOLY HANDS: 8 Stories of Lives Transformed by the Priesthood’s Mysterious Power

Medical personnel seem like gods. They have a say over life and death. They’re experts. They judge conditions and have a great gift to see the evolution of the disease or illness, and they can tell when a person is nearing the end. So they are very accurate in prognosis and diagnosis and the likelihood of death.

But some things cannot be explained.

In this story, doctors told Steve he had a serious heart condition, lung cancer, and Stage Four Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), for which there was no known cure at…

Don’t Fear; Keep your Eye on the Treasures of Heaven

Fear is of the World

When we speak about the times we are living in, they may be apocalyptic and there may be room for speculation. Our reference point is always to Scripture, to the word of God. Remember, we don’t live in fear. Fear is of the world. St. Paul said to the Romans “Therefore I tell you, put off the old man, and put on the new creation and the new creation in Christ Jesus.” We are to think, behave, and act as people inspired by the Word. We are to act as…

Our Lady of Fatima spoke to us about these times. Our Lady speaks to us when we turn to her with filial devotion through the Rosary and through wearing the brown scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. These are ways and means in which we may be able to truly understand and come to grips with the world we are living in. St. Paul says “Brethren the world as you know it is passing,” which can be seen today in the financial, political, military, human, environmental, and biological order that is in transition, in mutation, and in a frenzy…

Jesus Mary

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