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August’s Essays (unlocked)

In August, I was invited into Medium’s Partner Program.

As a solo writer, I’ve embarked on the ambitious challenge of reading a book and writing an essay about it, every week, in my spare time.

So far, this has taken between 5–15 hours total, from reading the book, note-taking, ideating, drafting, and revising the final essay. You can see the books I chose in the essays below.

I publish a new essay every Thursday. My essays will remain locked for Medium Members until the first of every month, when I release them to all of Medium.

I read widely, but I have a central mission:

I believe in human progress and human rights. Challenges will always face us. How can we understand and overcome them?
Me, I choose to write. By writing I think. Then I engage with people to test my ideas and reflect on my actions and participation.

August Essays

I’ve written 4 essays in my overall series, but as I wasn’t invited into the Medium Partner Program until mid August, I only wrote 2 pieces in that month.

These essays are now unlocked for your reading pleasure!

September Essays

So far in September, I’ve written these essays (these essays will be unlocked on October 1st):

Get a feel for my writing

To get a taste of my writing to see if you like it, you might also peek at these unlocked opinion pieces, which I sprinkle onto Medium whenever I feel the urge to write:

What are you reading that has changed your life?

I have a healthy list of to-read books, but I always welcome recommendations. Please send them my way in the comments!

If you’d rather receive my recommendations, just check in every week Thursday for a new essay or follow my recommendations here.

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Call to Action

If you want to learn how to read artfully AKA slowly (like me) but still read one book a week, check out my reading checklist.

Click here to get the checklist.

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