OP Gamemaster 001

April 3rd, 2017

Today was third day helping to make Octalysis Prime as great an experience as possible.

This means contributing to the experience itself as well as helping everyone in the community find success.

I first met Yu-kai online less than a year ago through an introduction from Jun Loayza. I’m grateful to Jun for taking a shot with me and making the reco.

As a test, I wrote a short essay about Yu-kai’s eBay experience from selling UCLA basketball tickets to becoming a Power Seller in short order, all in the context of:

  • The Octalysis Gamification framework
  • Nir Eyal’s Hooked model

I showed I understood both models well enough to join Yu-kai as a contributing writer on yukaichou.com.

Since, we enjoyed working together and he asked me to do more with Octalysis Prime. Here in April is about 11 months since that first writing test about his eBay experience.

What it means to me to be a gamemaster

For some of you, the concept of gamemaster will bring you back to glory days of Dungeons and Dragons or similar table top games.

I unfortunately missed out on D&D, but played plenty of games face to face tabletop games, often inventing my own alongside my brothers. I fondly remember a soccer game we created using Z-Bots and a Scrabble board in my grandmother’s house. Our cousins probably wondered why we didn’t come outside and play. (I guess that day it was more fun to simulate a soccer game on a Scrabble board.)

As the Gamemaster of OP, my role is multifaceted, but simple: I’m ensuring every player has a great experience, regardless of how long he or she plays the game.

This involves:

  • Understanding the players (and getting to know them)
  • Creating an experience (a “what it is like to be” an Octalysis Primer)
  • Guiding players through the experience

I expect my mindset and approach will change, but this feels right for the moment.

I’ll be sharing brief notes and anecdotes as I progress, perhaps even daily. What I hope to detail here is how I’m approaching but also how I work through challenges along the way. It should be fun!

Days 1-3

On Saturday, we did user feedback sessions.

On Sunday, I planned the week and began creating an Onboarding email series and touched up the welcome messages in our Slack channels and interacted with some members in chat.

Today, Monday, I continued the Onboarding series, gave feedback on upcoming content, created a gamification example of the day, created a Goodreads group, and setup some member podcast sessions.

(Since I’m writing these on my phone in the in between spaces of the day or evening, there probably won’t be many pictures…)

Until tomorrow, see ya!

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