PHP7 vs. HHVM — What are the differences

While developing our new client interface we had quite a few challenges and questions with choosing how PHP would be handled. The real final decision has not been made yet due to some incompatibility issues with both platforms, but one thing is for sure, both are almost equally powerful.

PHP7.0, released at the end of November 2015 is a far more optimized version which boosts the performance of your server tremendously. Right with the launch of PHP’s latest version, another discussion is capturing the attention of web-world. It is regarding website developers to double the performance of their applications.

HHVM has already established itself as a virtual tool for fast web development. Many of the designers do not know much about PHP 7, hence, it causes a bit confusion about the innovations that are to be included in it.

Here is an attempt to take all the discussions as well as questions regarding these topics a bit forward.

PHP7.0 vs HHVM: A Comparison

  • Both work with the aid of same language, but the basic difference arises in the way in which both these titles interpret the same PHP code.
  • PHP uses a free interpreter which helps in the direct execution of codes. PHP exhibits content desired by the web user by generating the HTML codes.
  • On the other hand, HHVM works by altering the php codes into byte codes. These byte codes are rendered into machine codes and then the execution happens.
  • All the things that cause the performance of PHP codes get removed at the time of this rendering of codes into machine codes by causing a faster performance of HHVM. When it comes to the writing of codes, both work in the same way.
  • For using HHVM, users must install it in the server, and invoke it with the aid of HHVM command line itself.
  • PHP 7 is rightly made available as expected in November 2015 itself, and many developers have tested its performance and they claim it offers improved performance in some situations compared to HHVM, and in some circumstances of HHVM works better.

Benefits of using HHVM

  • Dynamic translation is used, and it will help websites to run faster in many occasions.
  • It needs less memory space to proceed with requests.
  • HHVM developers keep on increasing the types of PHP codes that they can convert into machine language having a very good speed. WorPress is an instance to the point.
  • HHVM is open for every developer to install, edit, and work with.

Benefits of using PHP7.0

  • The already released version of PHP 7 works faster than HHVM, when tested with Drupal as well as latest versions of WordPress.
  • PHP 7 developers claim that users do not have to install HHVM to increase the performance of applications.
  • PHP 7 is a long time effort of communities that have offered stable help all the time. Thus, we can expect fast performance and less number of bugs in this new version of PHP.

Is Making A Choice Between The Two Even More Difficult?

Luckily, the stable version of PHP 7 has been released by the end of previous November 2015, and it offers an edge for php web development in totality. The new version claims outstanding performance.

All these do not mean that companies will very soon stop the using of HHVM. HHVM ,still claims faster development in certain circumstances.

Facebook developers are consistently working on it, and they have extended HHVM support to Apple devices, as well. If we consider the working of PHP 7, and HHVM, both are head to head, causing a confusion in the minds of users uprightly.

Ilyas Deckers

Written by

Founder of PhaseHosting

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