you got any better suggestions?
Freddie deBoer

I welcome the dialog. I yearn for it. I think most people yearn for it. We all have rights (as Americans) to have an opinion. If you share yours — then I ask that you let me share mine. Judgement may ensue — that’s part of the human condition — but I’ll try my best to try and understand — and it’s OK if I do not agree— can you do the same? (That’s rhetorical — none of this is directed at Freddie).

Overall — I’m tired of Left whining — and when I have the energy to offer up a contrarian position and/or I contradict their beliefs — I’m labeled and feathered. This a macro aggression — and the first thing I ask — is for you to stop, take a deep breath, pause, and listen. You don’t have to agree — and you can offer up an alternative — but please stop shutting me out. Throwing your head in the sand (or up your ass) doesn’t serve anyone — then alone the common good.

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