A Brief Discussion on the Five Major Decking Materials

Decks are extremely popular outdoor structures that a large number of modern-day consumers install outside their house for rejuvenating its overall appearance, hosting parties, storing additional items, adding to the value. There are several materials out of which a deck could be manufactured and one needs to be very cautious while choosing because each has its own fair share of benefits. To know more regarding this, readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

1. Fibreglass

According to the renowned providers offering services of deck maintenance, fibreglass or fibre-reinforced plastic has effectually revolutionised the ways in which things were previously constructed. Owing to a series of advantageous characteristics such as light weight, high strength, resistance against insects, heat, fire, chemicals, UV rays, and other adverse weather conditions, sturdiness, affordability, etc., the said composite is presently used for making decks.

2. Wood

Wood is considered as a classic choice because it can enhance aesthetic appeal largely. Readily available in various textures and colours, wooden decks have the intrinsic capability to seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings. Even though wood are extremely durable; poor sealant, wet leaves, mould, and violent storms can impose serious damages. But quite fortunately, it could be repaired without much effort. Types of wood include cypress, pine, redwood, cedar, and teak.

3. Pressure-treated Lumber

Rather than using wood traditionally, many people prefer opting for pressure-treated lumber when it comes to making decks. This particular material is extremely useful for it does not rot even after being subjected to moisture and insect infestation. It is quite customisable, which means one can bore holes, tighten edges, fasten nails, or apply any shape as per his or her wish. Pressure-treated lumber is found in the market in diverse sizes, quite cheap, and not reliant upon maintenance.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl is another highly popular decking material that amalgamates polythene and PVC. One can assemble it on his or her own without seeking any sort of professional assistance. It can resist staining and retain lustre as well as functionality for prolonged periods. However, to prevent sagging, it is necessary to occasionally clean decks made out of vinyl. Applying waxes is also mandatory because they tend to become utterly slippery when wet.

5. Aluminium

Top-notch experts carrying out deck maintenance have repeatedly emphasised upon the significance of aluminium. This particular material is increasingly on demand. Immense strength, low density, anti-corrosive, light weight, resilient, and recyclable are a few definite benefits of aluminium. Although there are plenty of options but it is certainly a great choice that many consumers have picked earlier and lots of others are doing currently.

Now that people are acquainted with the various materials from which deck could be fabricated, they must choose any one as per their budget and convenience.

Among different manufacturers claiming it to deliver and install the best decks, I would personally ask the household owners to conduct a comprehensive research, seek specialised recommendations, and go for someone, who would assure both quality and affordability.