Top 4 Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation

by Blake Lockwood, Interior Designer @ Decor Snob

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Your bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to get updated when undergoing a home renovation project. Unknown to most homeowners is that it can add immense value and elegance to the house if you make the proper choices in your renovation work plan.

One of the best ways of giving it a new look is by installing high-quality tiles. They reflect light well, can last for decades, and are easy to maintain.

The market today is packed with different types of tiles, so finding the right ones can take a good bit of looking around.

Here are four bathroom tile ideas for a bathroom renovation to help you plan.

Tile Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a decorative wall that is made from wooden material. It is often used to decorate dining and sitting rooms, but can also work in bathrooms.

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After installation, tile the floor then paint sections of the walls that are not covered with either semi-gloss or satin paint to complete the makeover. Optionally you can wallpaper above the tile with a nice grasscloth texture.

One of the primary benefits of tile wainscoting is that it can act as a back-splash if it extends above the sink or bathing tab.

Flooring Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tile is a perfect alternative to hardwood flooring which is prone to damage in high moisture conditions for long periods.

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If you decide to go with ceramic tiles for this purpose, make sure that you purchase tiles that have grade 1 or 2, a friction coefficient of above 0.6 and a water absorption rating that is less than 7%. Tiles that fit in this criterion are slip resistant and can withstand high moisture content for extended periods.

All Over Tiling Design

This is one of the bathroom tile ideas that you can implement if you are not on a tight budget. As you can tell from the name, it entails covering all the surfaces including the walls with high-quality tiles.

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To exhume your inner style and personal preferences, it is recommendable to choose tiles that have different colors, but they should blend with each other.

You can also experiment with different patterns, size, texture, and shape. This renovation idea is an ideal choice if you have a small bathroom, as the tiles will reflect the light thereby making space look bright and spacious.

Shower Tile Ideas

This is one of the most elegant bathroom tile ideas that you can use to add value to your home. The tile should be installed around the shower area to make it stand out from other sections of the bathroom. The ideal tiles should have a water absorption rating of less than 3% and excellent traction.

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No matter the kind of bathroom tile idea that you decide to use, make sure that the renovation is done by a professional who has the required skills and expertise.

Some of the factors that you should put into consideration when looking for a bathroom-remodeling contractor include reputation, legal accreditation, experience, the level of professionalism, insurance, and pricing. Give your bathroom a new touch by installing quality tiles.

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