Space is at your hand’s length now!

First Space Coin, Gold and Silver variants

Can you vouch for all your childish dreams were implemented? Let us remind you one thing you didn’t think about since long ago. Everyone wanted to become astronauts when being kids, didn’t they? The contemporary world is ready to provide you with such an opportunity.

We already know the name of the first man who is about to fly to the Moon without becoming a professional astronaut. We got high-quality photos of satellites from the mysterious space. And now and then scientists are trying to find traces of the human race on the expanses of other planets. Seems like it has become more real to conquer the space rather than to get to work through the morning traffic jams passing the city center.

But everyone needs to make definite efforts to win this battle, often used with -super prefix. 
Someone will devote his entire life to aerospace and will be able to successfully overcome all the preparatory stages for the flight and see the stars and planets personally. Someone will have to become a part of the world of science and get the smallest details about space without gravity and knowing the parking rules. Japanese is a billionaire.

But the more modernized the world becomes, the more chances to touch the space there appears for everyone. Can a fairy tale from your childhood become real? It’s easy, you can finally touch the space personally with your own hands. To give you this opportunity, the guys from Decron Club created The First Space Coin.

First Space Coin, Gold variant.

The First Space Coin is, first of all, a piece of space in your hands. These are coins that are cast with the addition of precious metals (silver, gold, and platinum) to the alloy, which the company sent into space inside the rocket. Recently, in mid-September, a rocket with ingots overcame the line of Karman and these ingots returned to Earth, having been outside the globe.

What for are we taking these super efforts? We are making your dream about space come true and a man to receive a piece of space and become a part of his conquest. With the help of the Decron Club, people around the world will finally receive an opportunity to touch the space values, which they could never do previously.

The first space coin is not gonna be a simple one about space, it will be a part of it! Now the first coin of the space series is cast — this is an S-coin dedicated to Alan Shepard. Coins of the series that are about to appear will also be devoted to important and most breakthrough moments in the history of space and, having purchased the fifth coin, you will receive your personal Space.

S: Shepard, Alan. The first American in orbit, 1961.
P: Proton. The missile that delivered the first module of the International Space Station to Earth’s orbit, 1998.
A: Apollo 11. The spaceflight that landed Neil Armstrong on the Moon, 1969.
C: Columbia. The very first space shuttle in the space transportation system, 1981.
E: Elon. The man who designed the heaviest — lift launch vehicle and landed booster back, 2015.

Indeed, these moments are sources of real global space conquests. And they deserve to be perpetuated in a unique way. Note that you get a truly unique thing! You will receive this coin in a beautiful aluminum case. packed in a vacuum package. Decron Club took every detail into account: you will have to make an effort to open the coin cover because conquering the space requires superpowers! Each coin will have its own flash key, and you can use it to register a coin on the website!

Your home, work or institution can become an excellent landing point for The First Space Coin. Read about the way to purchase a coin on the website .

In Space we trust!