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Beat-boxing saves Lives

It’s not totally clear how this happened... but I was in a public restroom at an outdoor mall in Sacramento.

Then all the sudden this huge African American dude (at least 3 times my size) walks up to me and says “WTF is your problem little man!”

Seriously, no joke.

This seems more like a case of A/A testing. These numbers are so small, it’s hard to really attribute a more successful click rate to another when you’re dealing with just a few hundred recipients.

Jesus Christ a thousand times yes!

So was I. Great minds.

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I think you meant, “Medium is not *just* a publishing tool.”

Excellent thoughts though. I agree on all other parts :)

Am I tweeting?

Why I’m staying with Node

First and foremost, a big hat-tip to T.J. for announcing his ground-breaking news and farewell to Node.js in favor of using Go. When someone fights with something…


This is a story about a reconstruction project I worked on at Twitter Inc.

I like to think (to a degree) that this was an idea that myself, and a colleague of…

A couple of Heroes. Photo by Aaron Nace. phlearn.com

Having fun in photoshop in front of Gotham City

The Eiffel Tower, Paris