6 Ultra Modern Shower Enclosures

As you set foot into the bathroom, the shower is the first element that greets your eyes. As an integral part to any apartment or villa, it only makes sense that you choose a stylistic enclosure that not only complements its aesthetics, but emphasises its ultra modernity.

Hollywood has propagated the idea of brass enclosures being the pinnacle of modern aesthetics but that’s clearly not the case. There are quite a myriad variants of styles out there that you can switch your enclosure to. Be it framed, frameless or with absolutely no enclosures at all, here are our top 6 selections of stylish, ultra modern shower enclosures available in our collection of world class shower room enhancements:

1- The Stylish Frameless Glass Enclosure

Glass enclosures fit any environment they are added into. Being frameless, they add to the sleekness and clean design to modern aesthetical tastes or a simple and elegant transition to a complex background.

The glass is made with premium materials that make it easier to wipe off soap, scum or water spots and leave a sheen that rivals any brand new enclosure.

2- Glass Block Enclosure

Get rid of doors all together with a glass block enclosure. The glass blocks are often versatile and texturised on diverse stylish designs. Their strong lines and texture will complement your bathroom’s modern aesthetics and give it a clean sheen.

The thickness varies in different colours and comes in a myriad number of shapes. You get to customise the blocks and the designs that you need to set up for your shower enclosure.

3- The Fabulous Tub Enclosure

Tub owners needn’t hide behind their curtains with this enclosure around anymore. This glassed enclosure is tempered and sandblasted to provide a frosted texture (optional)- which adds an additional level of privacy.

These tempered glass are well known for their durability and sleekness. They’ll fit in with the aesthetics of the bathroom while being able to shield from minor taps and breaks that occasionally happen to doors of any kind.

4- No Shower Enclosure

Certain bathrooms don’t require an enclosure to beautify their ambience. A steady floor material makes a shower enclosure unnecessary and amplifies the room’s expansiveness even without it.

If you are worried about keeping the heat in, you can build a heat retaining floor or buy a heat lamp that can be hung from the ceiling.

5- Tile and Glass Enclosure

This is a trendy customizable shower enclosure that’s becoming a trend these days. Frameless glass door combo with an intricate web of solid tile walls give the aesthetics of the entire room a huge confidence boost. Not only does this particular shower enclosure look bigger from the inside, it looks beautiful from the outside and lets in a greater amount of light!

6- Framed ‘Low-budget’ Enclosures

This may sound low budget, but it’s an aesthetically pleasing shower enclosure that’s bound to fit your shower while not making a huge dent in your wallet. It fixes the age old problem of how to keep the excess water from your shower while looking peaceful. It needn’t look monotonous just because it has frames. Feel free to experiment with multiple frames, though we recommend a chrome finish than the usual polished brass.

With an addition of adjustable panels above the door for ventilation, this affordable shower enclosure could be the one that you might be looking for.

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