And what I’ve learned is that it’s almost impossible to build anything from scratch while trying to travel and enjoy life at the same time.
The digital nomad lie
Yann Girard

In my perspective, what you’ve tried to do has nothing to do with being a digital nomad.

I think what you’ve tried to do, is not for you. This does not mean you can’t enjoy the lifestyle of a digital nomad. A digital nomad is not the same as a working backpacker. It’s a life without the constraints of a set office, pay check and contract and a whole lot more by utilizing newfound technologies. Some travel, some find freedom in other things. It’s a way of thinking, and I do not sell anything, yet… 😉

But it’s also like you said:

“Whatever a true digital nomad really is.”

Not much has been truly defined about digital nomads. So the lifestyle of digital nomads are still very much in flux and a state of constant change, pushed and formed by the will and desire with people to be more free then the generation before them. Because we can, for a big part, due to digital advancements.

I’m sure you have that desire for more freedom too, since you tried it one way. Maybe their is a way for you to be more free, without the big disruption you’re talking about here? I sure hope so!