Day by day my day is getting worse. I can’t find my self in this semester. Then, I suddenly think that it’s not good. So, I’m trying hard to find my self again.

I feel so lost. I feel so tired, all over me. Who am I right now? What is my passion? What should I do next? Many questions came to me few months ago. And I doubted to answer it.


My deepest heart really knows the answer, but idk feel not good at the same time to mention it, even to my self. I talked to my self few days ago. I cried. Idk why. Just lost my self.

I miss my self doing what I’d love, like talks and curious bout EDM, design some fashion stuff, travelling, read some books, eat what I really want, ect. I deeply look my self. I need to change the bad vibes in my self. I need to move. But I need some trigger too.

I met the moment. Actually I created the moment. I got new friendship which brought me to find my self again. Some conversations bout music, especially EDM filled my day again from some friends. My circle in that music getting bigger. While I thankful for it, I actually want to step back from EDM. Idk. It came to me few months ago.

Should I go far away? But where should I go?
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