Advantages Of Using Google Fonts For Your Business Websites

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May 25 · 3 min read

Typography is very crucial when it comes to web designing as it will affect the overall display of the web page. This means you can’t just select the font-face merely on “you liking it”. It will be the connotation of the website’s vision and greatly affect the legibility and engagement rates as well. Therefore to put it on the safer side, many websites are now using GOOGLE FONTS. If you haven’t already known about its advantages, we list a few of them here:

It cost you nothing:

What else can you ask for as GOOGLE FONTS comes with the zero cost pricing tag? Yes, Google fonts are completely free to use which means you can use its font-face for free of charge. As the leading web design company in India, we often go for using Google fonts for web designing. Not only the authenticity of the fonts give your website a more genuine and premium look but it even ensures that you can plan the web designing under a budget.

To use Google fonts, no licenses are required:

While developing the website, you can easily select the Google fonts as per your requirement as they are released under open source license. This ensures you can use them however you want. All you need to do is to download them. Later you can customize them, print them or even make the best of their utility in your commercial projects.

Cross-platform rendering is one of the many advantages:

You probably are aware of the font render errors that happen because some platforms are not scalable for different browsers, operating systems and even devices. As a result, your text appeared distorted and no matter, how much you have spent on designing the visuals, it will not engage the visitors. But that is not the case with the Google fonts as they don’t have any cross-platform issues owing to the Content delivery network by GOOGLE. It ensures that you don’t end up messing the website display. From all the major browsers to a wide range of mobile devices, both Android and iOS, Google Fonts are compatible with them.

Another good thing that delights us as the leading web development company in Jaipur along with other web developers and designers is that fonts’ installation via CSS is also supported by Google fonts. What makes it good? The answer is it features deeper compatibility across different browsers.

Google Fonts are fast loading

If you have read our previous posts, we as the web development company in India always emphasize of the norm of “faster-loading speed” of a web page. And Google fonts will serve the same for you as they are very lightweight when compared to other self-hosted fonts. With Google font on your web page, you will not have to fuss over the page speed. They ensure that the page is loaded within a few seconds on any platform without distorting the font quality.

In a nutshell, there are many advantages of using GOOGLE FONTS but don’t just rush in choosing them at random. For making the best of it, you should avail the professional assistance of the best web design company in Jaipur if you don’t have any experience in web development and designing.

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