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In order to have a successful adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized platforms that make use of blockchain technology, it is necessary that users have access to tools that facilitate the use of all the developments originated from these new technologies.

When developers start using a new technology, their initial projects tend to be for technical users because they are the ones who have enough knowledge to take advantage of the potential offered by the new technology in question.

In the blockchain industry, there are several projects that were designed to simplify the use of decentralized platforms in order to encourage people to gradually get to know this new generation of applications.

Due to the fact that in this sector projects tend to have their own crypto token, it is necessary that people can manage their different cryptocurrencies without having any kind of complication.

Today, we will explore a project known as WalletConnect, which makes communication between crypto wallets for mobile devices and dapps for desktop computers something possible.

What is WalletConnect?


This is a free code project that employs strong encryption measures to ensure a secure connection between crypto wallets for mobile devices and regular dapps for desktops. The way in which this connection is carried out is using a QR code, which means the user’s private keys are never at risk and the chances of hacking are extremely low. The process that explains how to start using WalletConnect will be explained a few paragraphs below.

It is quite clear this project makes life a lot easier for people who are always using their crypto wallets for mobile devices. It is important to know that generally, in order to interact with a desktop computer dapp, the person needs to install an extension to the browser they are using, such as MetaMask for Chrome or Mozilla.

But now, thanks to WalletConnect, these people can easily link their virtual wallet on the mobile device with WalletConnect and interact with any dapp they want to use in their computer.

WalletConnect’s development

At this very moment, this project is in its beta version and as we can see in the following data from its page in State of the Dapps, its development process is very active.


The best of all is that being an open source project, all the information on how to implement this protocol is available for free, which will surely result in many improvements to the code and many initiatives originated from the initial work done by the WalletConnect development team.

To further encourage the involvement of the developer community, the WalletConnect team has published a series of documents with technical information for these developers. These documents can be found here.

Additionally, they also have a public forum to discuss the project where anyone can share their opinion and participate in all the different topics. Finally, we have the project’s GitHub where we can find absolutely everything about the development of this protocol.

How to start using WalletConnect?

The first thing we must do to start using this protocol, is to visit the following link from our desktop computer https://example.walletconnect.org/. When doing so, we will see the following information:

By clicking the button to connect with WalletConnect, it will show us the QR code previously mentioned. This code must be scanned with our mobile device using the virtual wallet we are using, this way a proper connection is established.

In my case, I am using the popular virtual wallet called Trust Wallet for iOS. This can be downloaded here for iOS and here for Android.

We can see in the upper left corner the option to connect our wallet with WalletConnect.

After having scanned the QR code, the virtual wallet shows us this message. Obviously, to continue we must tap where it says “proceed”.

After tapping “proceed”, we will have our mobile device successfully connected with WalletConnect and we will be able to see the following basic information.

Finally, WalletConnect will present on our computer the following information and the process of linking both tools will be finished.

Doing all of this is extremely easy, and I am sure that as time passes this type of solution will be much more popular and much more used. The benefits of using WalletConnect is that it allows you to interact with dapps that would normally require the use of extensions for desktop computers. With the difference that instead of using those extensions, people will now be able to use digital wallets for their mobile devices.

On a more technical level, what WalletConnets basically does, is create a Bridge server to relay the communication between the desktop dapp and the mobile wallet. This measure together with the strict encryption results in a perfectly safe way to interact with all sorts of dapps.

WalletConnect’s positive aspects

  • The idea they want to develop is very good, and the way their beta version works is quite simple. All types of users would be able to use this tool without any problem.
  • They encourage the participation of the development community by publishing technical documents, they also have their own discussion forum, and of course, they use GitHub to manage everything related to the improvement of the code through the contributions from the entire community.
  • They have their own application for iOS and Android, which allows the vast majority of people to install and try out their application.

WalletConnect’s negative aspects

  • The development is not yet finished and it is impossible to know how stable the final product will be.
  • The discussion forum has the majority of the topics without being updated since last year, which may indicate a loss of interest in the development of the project.


WalletConnect is a project that can bring a lot of value to the blockchain community, however, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially regarding finishing up the development of the beta version and in promoting it so that it can be adopted by the market in a successful way.

At the moment the project looks very good, and if everything continues as planned, this project may end up being one of the most useful and most used by those people who use virtual wallets for mobile devices.

Due to everything mentioned in this article, I give this project a 3 stars rating.





WalletConnect Docs
WalletConnect Forums
WalletConnect GitHub
WalletConnect in State of the Dapps


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