Meet “OnePageX”: the most straightforward exchange in the whole crypto industry!


Dynamic transfers of value are needed to have a vibrant economy

A typical condition of a healthy economic system is that everyone can make as many transactions as they wish, without going through complicated processes that can discourage people from proceeding with their desired economic activity. The proliferation of the internet was the ultimate innovation to allow for instant communication worldwide to be possible, and with this, having instant transactions of money would be just a matter of time.

SourceRight now, we find ourselves living in the digital era, and there is an abundance of platforms designed to make it easier for people to make online transactions so they can easily pay for any product and service they might want, it is not a coincidence that underdeveloped countries don’t have as many platforms to process payments when compared to developed and wealthy countries. Vibrant economies are always going to be more productive, which means that innovation will naturally be encouraged and rewarded by the market.

However, even though the digital era is a period where payment platforms are constantly being revolutionized, there is a major innovation that went beyond everything tried so far, instead of revolutionizing the way payment platforms worked, it revolutionized how money itself worked.

Blockchain technology: “The Great Disruptor”

After the economic crisis at the end of the last decade, it was clear there were a lot of individuals totally disappointed in the way economies and currencies were handled, the demand for there to be complete transparency was more intense than ever before, and something similar could be said about the distrust that people felt towards big entities in control of a lot of money.

Hence, a major innovation was created, blockchain technology. This new way of handling transactions (and every type of information) solved a few of the worrisome issues that were left exposed after the famous crisis, it solved the lack of transparency regarding how the money is being moved, and thanks to its inherent decentralization, it also solved the common problem of having big entities doing obscure financial moves.

SourceAs we know, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever to exist, and with time, others started to be developed as well, some ones offered better privacy features, other ones were capable of functioning like decentralized platforms for a new generation of applications, and this way, year after year, the sophistication and the possibilities grew bigger and bigger, until eventually there was a complete industry of blockchain-based developments planning to disrupt every industry there is.

Blockchain technology is therefore, highly versatile, with a very big potential to keep creating new value and improve how our current systems work, everything from its immutability, security, transparency, and decentralization, makes it a better option compared to the traditional and centralized way of doing things.

Just as with traditional industries, the consolidation of cryptocurrencies as a worthy place for people to make investments, meant that the demand for a place to exchange one crypto for another one on an easy would only get bigger with time. That’s why for anyone involved in crypto communities, and those who are constantly reading the latest news and keeping themselves informed about every new crypto project, they will surely know, there are a lot of well known exchanges where users can freely trade one crypto for another one, but more importantly, there are also a lot of new and smaller exchanges with a lot of promising features and new innovations, that can be even better than the already well established and famous exchanges.

There is a new exchange in particular, that is completely different than everything we have seen regarding trading platforms, it was launched just a few days and its name is OnePageX.

What is OnePageX?

This exchange was created to offer crypto traders an easy to use a platform where they can exchange different cryptos without suffering from excessive procedures that could delay their activities, as it name implies, everything happens in just one page thanks to its simplistic and intuitive interface. Most exchanges require their users to go through the typical process of signing up and some times they even require official documents to verify the identity of each user, and obviously this might be a problem for people who prefer to remain anonymous.

With OnePageX, people don’t even need to open an account, it works in a completely different way. What OnePageX does, is to work with other regular exchanges and it executes the trades with the ones that offer the best condition, this way, the final user doesn’t need to waste time with the tedious process of singing up to various exchanges and sending documentation for those that require it, OnePageX will be much more time efficient than everything else there is in the market, and even better, the private information of the users, such as their identity, will remain completely anonymous simply because they won’t be required to send anything since the exchange doesn’t work with individual user accounts.

SourceWhen doing a transaction, OnePageX will generate a new URL with a wallet address belonging to OnePageX where the person needs to send the amount of BTC that he wishes to exchange, and this URL can be saved or bookmarked and used as many times as we wish, once the BTC is sent the person will receive his corresponding altcoin in his personal wallet that he provided at the beginning of the process.

It is probably the easiest to use, and the most straightforward exchange we can find in the entire crypto space, besides, it has a huge selection of cryptocurrencies available, more than 140 of them including the most popular ones, and they have plans to keep adding as many tokens as they can in the coming days and weeks.

What the team at OnePageX is planning to achieve, is to facilitate as much as possible the way in which people exchange cryptocurrencies, if exchanging fiat currencies is something extremely easy, then the same should apply to cryptos, with the system they implemented, everyone could literally exchange their crypto in a matter of minutes, no need to lose time opening accounts in slow exchanges.

Exchanging cryptocurrencies with OnePageX — Step by Step

1) The website where every trade happens is this one:

As we can see, the interface is very clean and intuitive.

2) We now need to decide on the amount of bitcoin we wish to exchange. It has a live calculator showing you how much of the altcoin you will be receiving, below we can see an example with the altcoin NEO because that’s the one I used for my transaction.

3) We then need to indicate the altcoin and its corresponding address where we want to receive the money. In the following image I added my NEO address:

4) The next step is to click where it says “Start Exchange”, and we will then encounter a screen similar to this one:

In there, OnePageX indicates the address to which we must send the BTC, and our altcoin address from the previous steps.

After we sent the BTC, then we will see the status of our transaction being updated in the bottom right corner. Below we can see the different status in the order they appear:

SourceIf you want to see a live transaction, I did one to exchange BTC for NEO, you can see it in the video below:

The complete process generally takes less than 30 minutes, it will depend on several factors like how congested is the blockchain at that moment. Nonetheless, if a transaction is not finished after an hour, there is the possibility of something being wrong with this particular transaction, so it might be wise to contact OnePageX so they can take a look into it.

That is why it is very important to bookmark the unique URL where our transaction is being processed, because without it solving issues can get very complicated.

We also need to be aware OnePageX charges “0.5% along with a small network fee on all transactions” Source to cover the cost of maintaining the exchange working properly, however, users don’t need to make calculations to figure out how much are they going to receive, because the system takes these fees into account when showing the numbers.

Integration with other websites

Besides being extremely easy to use, OnePageX can also be easily integrated with every website with its widget called “OneBox”, it uses the following HTML code.

<div style="display: flex; justify-content: center;"><iframe src="" width="800" height="400" style="border: none;">Unable To Load Widget</iframe></div>

As an example, I included it on my website so you can see it for yourself and interact with it, you can find it here. This is how it looks:

Use cases

A person concerned about his anonymity


Jack is a person who likes to remain in complete anonymity when it comes to his crypto transactions, he has read news about exchanges getting hacked and private information from its clients being leaked, and he cannot allow something like that happening to him, which is why he has been relying on anonymous methods to exchange one crypto for another one, however, these methods aren’t always very easy to use.

One day, he finds an article about a new exchange that besides being 100% anonymous, it also has the most simplest and straightforward interface there could be, he goes to OnePageX and he is amazed when realizing how it works, it was exactly what he was looking for, and the fact it has more than 140 different cryptocurrencies is even better for Jack. From now on, every time he needs to exchange one crypto for another one he will use OnePageX.

A person who hates having too many accounts to handle


Charles loves being involved in many crypto projects and he even allows his customers to pay him directly with crypto, however, he has too many different accounts to handle, not only his personal accounts, but his business accounts as well, his crypto wallets, and his exchanges accounts, sometimes he feels overwhelmed and he is looking to cut down the number of accounts he needs to manage. He usually checks several exchanges to see which ones are offering the best rates, so closing his exchanges accounts is not a possibility.

But one day he discover OnePageX, he learns that this simple exchange doesn’t have users accounts, and besides, it works with other exchanges to search for the best rate and automatically does the trade using this rate. If Charles starts using OnePageX he wouldn’t need to be constantly using other exchange and managing all those accounts, therefore, he starts using it and is blown away at how simple everything works. Now, Charles will be less overwhelmed thanks to OnePageX simplicity.


OnePageX is a new exchange compatible with more than 140 cryptocurrencies, as the name implies, everything is done in just one page, people don’t need to open accounts because it works with a URL system, where each URL can be bookmarked for later use. People simply need to choose the altcoin address where they want to receive the money, and send it to the BTC address indicated in the unique URL. It is easy to use, anonymous, and it can be easily integrated with other websites.

It will surely be one of the favorite exchanges for people who are simply looking to trade one crypto for another one, it doesn’t have any complicated process and everything is straightforward. It certainly brings a fresh feeling to an industry that is in need of simply but useful platforms just like this one.

More information can be found in the following websites: