Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers

Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Corporate websites and even smaller ones often require entire resources of your server, in some instances multiple servers also. This is essential to optimize performance of your website for the users; management of websites, web hosting and choosing the most effective hosting option can be difficult to find out. Primarily, the option is thrown up between two approaches — dedicated hosting or virtual hosting.

Let’s take a peek at dedicated hosting.

A dedicating server allows litigant to lease physical server space from a hosting services provider and have complete access and treatments for resources offered by the physical server and never have to share space with other users as with hosting that is shared. This type is enormously fitted to business or corporate websites that see quantities of web traffic and people who host enterprise CMS sites and very intensive CPU applications.


• Hosting offer fully dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM etc. to the user; simply speaking, this means that resources aren’t shared and hence performance is enhanced

• Complete charge of physical server in comparison with an on-line server that many often hosts other virtualized machines or servers


• Server colocation cost more in terms of usage and maintenance costs

• Hardware maintenance restricts downtime just like any work can be carried out only through the window allocated through the hosting provider

Virtual private hosting server is a form of internet hosting utilizing software that emulates multiple servers situated on a single virtual host. This type of hosting treats each website as if it had been on the separate machine and allows complete independence. Virtual hosting servers give clients another viable choice between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting plans.

However, as with dedicated hosting, there are a few benefits and drawbacks because well.


• Quick scalability such as including resources like hard disk space and memory is possible because the server isn’t a physical entity.

• In case of a hosting service having tech or connectivity issues, it could be moved to another virtual server to reduce downtime. In addition, backup restoration and disaster recovery measures may also be put in effect easily.

• Reduced costs in comparison with dedicated hosting servers

• Hardware maintenance issues and downtime do not arise inside a vps because the server can be cloned or transferred to another host


• In many cases, virtual private servers make use of the resources of a single computer which means that the aspect of sharing arises.

• Many business requirements dictate the use of hosting to meet with compliance and data security standards and hence, virtual servers have emerged as less than 100% dedicated.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers

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