Falling inlove all over again

Falling in love again was one of my biggest fears. But its not like I didn’t want it to happen. I prayed about it I searched for it but when it finally happened. I was not prepared.

We clicked immediately. It was kind of unexpected love situation.. Never in a million would I have thought that the love of my life was the one person I avoided.

And let me tell you. I had my reasons. After being used abused and tossed aside so many times. I decided to shut down.

Then he came along. My Prince. The guy that would move mountains for me. Sometimes i ask myself “ is this real? Is he really mine? “

Don’t get it twisted .. The road towards our love blossoming was not easy. I would break down in front of for no reason. Maybe cause I am a little dysfunctional. But non the less he accepted me with my flaws.

He changed me for the better… . I can say i found my better half. Not my other half. Cause you as a person can not depend on someone to make you whole. You must do that by yourself. Only then will you be able to love someone whole heartily.

He truly made a difference

  1. He taught me to love myself
  2. He taught me that I am worth it. I always was and always will be.
  3. He made me believe in love again.
  4. He makes me happy.
  5. He loves me unconditionaly.
  6. He keeps empowering and motivates me to become a better person.

I can say that I finally found my love… . .