Settling down is never easy. We all have this notation that we need to reach certain types of goals before you find your significant other and get married.

Well sorry to burst your bubble that is not how it works.

I have always been the settle down type. For example when I met my first boyfriend that was in high school. I had this whole plan laid out. That we will get married. Have 2 kids and a picket fence house. But he turned out to be a psychotic abusive ass.

Decided to give love another go and all the idiots I met always just wanted to date cause of the sake of dating. If I hate you my goal is to marry you.

I strongly believe that when you find the right person that everything will just fall into place. You will make it work no matter what, but nowadays relationships have no substance. At the first sign of a hump couples decide to call it quits. I’m speaking from experience here.

We should all adapt the mentality of settling down. Life is to much easier when you only have one person that is your Ride or Die.

Each and everyone of us deserve our white picket fence happy ever after.

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