Leggings or Lives: What Drives the News Cycle?
Shannon Watts

The reason more people are talking about leggings over Cincinnati is because you made an issue from a non-issue. You’re one of the reasons people aren’t talking more about it. I’m just going to repeat what I wrote on Facebook that you took a situation you knew nothing about and thought you had hit the feminism jackpot. When the only people at fault here are the parents for not following the rules. My mom retired from United. She worked there when it was Continental and then worked for United well into her sixties. Because of her and her job, I’ve been able to travel all around the world, attend family events and be there at every grandparents bedside. She’s helped my aunt go to Vietnam every year to help out in the village they grew up in before war forced them to leave, she’s helped soldiers get home to their families for the holidays, friends go to funerals for parents, sons and daughters and many more, far to numerous to list here. All because we’re able to fly standby. You bet every time we fly mom reminds us no spandex, lycra, flip flops, pajamas, tshirts with words on them, or anything we would usually wear to bed. I’ve had to cover up t-shirts before, my dads had to change his sandals and my mom’s had to put on a dress coat. Shorts less than three inches above the knee are allowed. This is why the dad could wear them and if his daughters were wearing them, they would have been fine too. Is it outdated? Kinda. Is it annoying? Kinda. Is it worth it to save thousands of dollars, help others and have experiences that I could in no other way afford? Absolutely.

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