New Game on Ethereum’s Network Lets You Win Big Ether

Dee Jay
Dee Jay
Jan 8 · 3 min read

“Ever play the lottery thinking you could be that one lucky winner?”

Countdown3D is a new kind of decentralized application made possible with Ethereum smart contracts. The game hosts a crypto countdown timer which generates a pyramid built from ether when time runs out. Instead of one big winner like you might find with a mega millions or powerball lottery, Countdown3D enables several tiers of winners so you and many others can win money. Yes, you actually can win money.

The game mechanics are simple with a countdown timer and a jackpot of Ether. While the suspenseful timer counts down, players use Ether to buy tickets into the round. Real magic happens when the timer hits 0. One ticket selected at random coined Tier 0 initiates a sequential ordering of tickets built up into a six tier pyramid of payouts. Moving up the pyramid, the value of a ticket in each tier increases.

multi tier ether payouts

When it comes to trust and fairness, the game’s smart contract provides a sense of security to all players. The smart contract is an open source uneditable composition of solidity code available for everyone and anyone to read, verify, and understand the game’s internal workings. Ethereum’s network guarantees the contract will execute exactly as the code is written with no outside intervention. Rather than being managed by people, this dapp is autonomous — self managed by Ethereum’s network.

The game’s barrier to entry is relatively low. To play, all a user needs is a wallet with some Ether, and a browser extension such as Metamask. Lowering the barrier to entry further, there are no logins, no signups, and no deposits needed to play. Equipped with only an Ethereum provider, players can view the countdown, check round stats, purchase tickets, and withdraw winnings.

Aside from buying tickets and multiple winning tiers, what makes this lottery unique is the use of an hourglass investment token PoWH3D. At the end of each round, a small percentage of the jackpot invests in hourglass tokens. Hourglass token holders are rewarded in dividends whether or not they buy tickets. Over time the investment tokens provide dividends back into the Countdown3D jackpot from investors and games contributing to the 3D ecosystem. A cycle set to grow jackpots larger attracting new and returning players to buy into the provably-fair fun multi tiered pyramid Countdown3D.

Countdown3D In Contracts We Trust

Dee Jay
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