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August 28, 2017

Houston Strong

Good: The city of Houston needs all of the support it can get. I implore everyone who can do something to please help. For those that deny the effects of climate change need to look no further than the city of Houston. With that being said, the man in this video’s remarkable and unwavering faith during this time of tragedy has replenished my love for humanity once again. #HoustonStrong

Good: Kung Fu Kenny has had an exceptional year. I think he will win the Grammy for best Hip Hop album of the year. His performance at this year’s VMA’s is a must watch. So sit down and be humble. #KendrickLamar #MTV #VMAs


Good: Comedy is a gift. Free time and comedy is like your birthday on Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did.

Good: Kevin Hart has a message for other celebrities. Help those that are in need of help. Salute. #KevinHartChallenge

The Bad: There’s is nothing here to say. SMDH

The Ugly: As Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak havoc and destroy families and precious lives, I ask you to help. When one hurts we all hurt.

The Good: I must admit, I’ve listened to one FifthHarmony song in my entire life. Thanks to Z 104. Congrats on their accomplishment. But, shoutout to Guwop, La Flare, A.K.A Gucci Mane. #MTV #FifthHarmony #GucciMane

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