VIEWS: Videos of the Week

March 26–31,2017


This week has been a very interesting one to say the least. From the shockingly horrible to the stomach-grabbing comedy. Here are some of the best videos curated by yours truly at Texture. We hope these videos elicit conversations and encourage dialogue and we also hope that these videos takes your mind of the world for a bit.

Bill O’Reilly isn’t immune from making repugnant comments. This is the same dude that has routinely perpetuated the myth that the reason African-Americans struggle economically is because of their culture. So, it came as no surprise, when he undermined the legitimate concerns of Congresswoman Maxine Waters about the Trump’s administration involvement with Russia this week. He said he could barely focus on her words because of her hair. This is despicable and inspired the hastag #BlackWomenatWork. Get Bill O’Reilly outta here.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters responded to the incendiary comments made by Bill O’Reilly with grace. Per usual, African-Americans must remain cool, calm, and collected when dealing with or responding to bigotry. When people go low we always somehow seem to go high. Maxine Waters is a strong black woman indeed who doesn’t have time for the BS.

Bless Angela Rye’s soul for having the time to be on TV with the one-term representative now fully employed twitter troll, Joe Walsh. It couldn’t have been me, I can tell you that. She blasted his racism and “dragged him”… figuratively of course, for you non initiated hip folks.

Breh, I’m just counting the days until Press Secretary Sean Spicer is fired. But, this dude used his platform to attack the highly respected reporter April Ryan by telling her, “ not to shake her head.” First off, who are you? Secondly, stop dodging these questions breh.

So the legislative branch of government is back to pursuing policies that benefit the American people. Sike. Both Chambers have agreed to allow ISP to collect data from you without your permission. Aint no privacy bih. Why does it feel like somebody’s watching me? Because somebody is. Those who would give up internet privacy for no internet privacy deserve Aol dialup — Ben Franklin.

He gotta be from New York b.

Fans of music are excited about Kendrick Lamar’s forthcoming album on April 7th. We were even more surprised when he dropped his latest music video “Humble” to promote the album. But, Twitter turned Kendrick’s visuals to comedy. When you hit your girl with those facts.

This makes me smile. We love you Jamarion Styles. Other kids with disabilities, will now look to you for inspiration and dare to dream.

The Democratic primary ended when Hillary Clinton racked up enough super delegates before the election even started. But, the reason why so many progressives were/are frustrated with the Democratic party is because of democrats who pay lip-service to certain issues and then do the opposite once elected. Shame on you mayor Catherine Pugh.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Petey Pablo’s North Carolina was played in every household in North Carolina after this game winner.

Future Hendrix has inspired this generation in so many ways. They will write books about this man’s influence one day.

Give this man the MVP already!

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