Political Trolling
Emma Lindsay

While you make some valid points, your article implies that because you feel that we make too much of political correctness, that the rest of us should sit down and shut up. Maybe you and your girlfriend were unaffected by legalizing gay marriage, but you don’t speak for the entire community. To many it was far more than a nice gesture. It assured a right that others take for granted. The very definition of privilege is being able to ignore a problem because it doesn’t effect you. So you have the privilege to ignore certain kinds of speech because you’ve decided not to let it bother you. You are privileged with education, money and living in one of the gay friendliest cities on the planet. If you choose to use that privilege to tell others that are not as privileged to be silent, you’re doing it wrong.

Troll your dad — that’s fine — it’s between the two of you and hurts no one and is really not comparable to trolling the oppressed in any way. Apples and oranges. What’s between you and your friends/family is personal and doesn’t actually hurt real people. Your trolling is not behavior or language that has been used to oppress others.

When you decide to be a public troll it is the right of the public to say that they don’t feel comfortable with your behavior. I hang out with some white people who think using the word “nigger” is okay. It’s just a joke or for fun and they love to get a rise out of me. If I don’t object I am giving them tacit permission to continue when it’s not okay. This is a word most people agree isn’t okay to use if you are not black yourself, but I guess as my friends are just trollling me — by your logic — that’s okay? Not to mention what message that send to my 11 yr. old son.

I get many adults don’t like being told what to do, but just maybe oppressed groups have been asked to toe an unspoken line by the same group that is complaining about oppression now — and for the record yes education and class have been used to keep down the WWC — but the same can be said for minorities and anyone else that is othered. When for centuries you have heard the message that you re not as good — not fit to work, not smart enough to go to school, somehow less for things beyond your control — you might lose sympathy for those that seem to want to cry, “poor me.” for experiencing things you have fought for decades to overcome.

Already I have seen hate and threats made to women, minorities and LGBTQ people across all of my social media, but I guess that simple trolling and they should put up with it because there really is kindness underneath it? Intentions don’t matter, words do. In the world that’s coming we can’t afford to be innocent bystanders — there is no longer such a thing.

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