Twin Flame Longing

And then she knew… that she could be homesick for a person too…

Longing isn’t really the right word. And yearning doesn’t quite get it either. Most Twin Flames describe that meeting their Twin or being in union with their Twin is like coming home for the first time. So it makes sense that when your Twin Flame is absent or “running” or for whatever reason the two of you are not able to be together, that you feel the opposite of a feeling of homecoming. You feel homesick.

You may feel you recognize the person- either from this life or a past life. Some describe it as déjà vu; others experience this recognition as a deep knowing at soul level. This does not necessarily happen instantly. You may have known the person for years. The first physical contact may be the trigger for recognition…[coming home]
excerpted from Twin Flame Signs Nobody Talks About

Homesick for a person…

If you are a Twin Flame you know this feeling. It is not that you can’t go on without the other person or that you are obsessed or overwrought, but there is an emptiness that surfaces and reminds you that you are not home.

Regardless, remember that you are complete. When your Twin Flame is not available to you it does not mean you cannot find peace and happiness. This homesick feeling is not even necessarily sadness but it is an astute awareness of the grounding your Twin Flame brings you. Perhaps “homesick” is not the right word either because there is no sickness involved.

Missing home…

Meeting your Twin is a feeling of coming home. Being disconnected from your Twin is a feeling of missing home. But this is a state of mind. States of mind are a 3D construct. So when you are missing your Twin, it is time for a soul visit. Close your eyes and reach out through your heart chakra. Talk. Out loud if you wish. Express yourself. Ask to be blanketed with unconditional love and feel yourself coming home again.

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