ATT: Brian Armstrong

RE: Lost Bitcoin

Dear Mr. Armstrong, I am pleading with you and your company to please help me resolve this issue. Please to do not tell me to contact support and submit. I have endlessly submitted many times and blue in the face. Robuts you have in place is not the way. I don’t need more emails telling me to submit a ticket and allow 72 hours for reply………. Is integrity important to you? In the 45 years as an entrepreneur I pride myself with customer service and going beyond what is expected of me and my services. That is why ppl will refer their friends to my business. I hope you will assist in a steadfast resolution and appropriately and not expect me to wait any longer.

My name is DeeAnn Carpenter, I am reaching out to you about an issue I am having you’re your company Coinbase. I have submitted many many support tickets, and even have left messages with the Coinbase phone, none of which has replied to me with a definitive resolution to my issue. When your support ticket office rec. my emails from my support tickets, they state they will get back to me within 72 hours. When I left a mesg on the phone #, they say they will respond in 4 hours, it is now 3 days since I left message on office phone #. # 800–343–5845 in Ca. I am exasperated, frustrated and very upset that your customer service department cannot and has not replied with a resolution to all of my support tickets to solve my issue, & the amt of time I have spent in submitting support tickets has unproductive.

I find your department for submitting support tickets to be handled by robots is NOT always affective, as proven now NO one from your company has contacted me. Filling out the forms you have in place is not addressing this issue. I have searched your data in Coinbase to find anything that relates to my issue. Stop the robots and get real people to help people who have invested $$ in Bitcoin, using your Coinbase services for transactions, who receives fees from using your services that I have paid for. We are dealing with people’s money! Robot’s telling me they don’t understand the question and I am to explain in a different way? Come on!

Here is what has happened,

My problem began on May 20th, I had an amount of $500 USD / 0.247526BTC

in my Coinbase wallet dash board. ( I first set up my account with CB on March 10th and purchased BTC, with the help of a friend of mine who assisted me in setting it all up) So, on May 20th, with a balance of earnings,

I wanted to send that amount back to my bank account which is set up with my email address I made an error that I created and I have noted this error in all my many support tickets & to the calls to the your CB office in CA. and I have even apologized for my mistake.

My error is this: I clicked on the wrong tab; the send/receive tab and when I did, it asked for my either my email address or wallet address….. so I entered my email address affiliated with my bank, Wells Fargo,

thinking that the $500USD worth of BTC 0.247526 would be converted to cash and then into my bank account. I waited a few days and never saw this back in my account.

I then contacted my friend who had assist me setting my CB account up and she told me I used the wrong tab…….. I was to click on the sell / buy tab. So I did contact your support ticket system of this error to explain to them what I actually did.

A few weeks ago, she even contacted the support ticket help via email because I was not getting any help response from all of my support tickets. She told me that the Coinbase BTC would be returning to me in 30 days if unclaimed. Well, I don’t even know how to claim them! What does that mean??

It is now June 23, and I still do not have my BTC returned to me. I am considering filing a claim with BBB in your area to get this resolved for the soul purpose of lack of inadequate communication, poor customer service & not assisting me with a definite resolution and not taking care of this problem, and not even returning my calls when I leave a message and phone # with full explanation! We are dealing with people’s money that is somewhere on hold or if I have totally lost this???

I do have the CB ap on my phone and I can see my BTC amt sitting there……

it was sent from me to me, to my email address.

I can’t even cancel this transaction. I have an email from CB that I made this transaction on May 20th.

Soooooooo here we are and I am still waiting for help, for resolution of the problem that I created. Coinbase really needs to have a better customer service communication system in place and to answer promptly and NOT tell us all the time they are back logged in. That’s not my problem. Obviously I created this error , but I can’t get anyone to communicate that this will be

refunded me in the said time frame……….. 30 days. And those 30 days are up.

I am seeking your help and to treat it as urgent resolution………

I just want my BTC returned to me. I could of re invested my $500 by now in a new program I am in with USI-Tech and I have lost $$ with the growth opportunity we are seeing.

I even rec. a email from your company to take the time to complete a survey asking me if I would refer COINBASE to my friends! I even referred a friend of mine to use Coinbase to buy his BTC and never rec. $10 worth of BTC or acknowledgement. ( I helped set up his CB account and make his 1st purchase) At this time, my testimonial to refer my affiliates to use CB would be a negative. 0

Having $500 out there somewhere does not rest easy with me. I work hard for my income as an entrepreneur for the past 45 years, and I pride myself on providing excellent customer service and go the extra mile to make my clients happy. That’s how I build my business and stay in biz.

I even sent an email to one of your new Board of Directors Kathryn Haun in hopes she could assist and get this issue to the right person.

I hope this issue will get resolved with your help to take this issue to the right people and get it resolved, and hope it does not happen to anyone else.

If you need my drivers license, SS# I will gladly submit to get this resolved. I have verified my photo & ID as well.

This issue deserves a personal phone call to clear this up and hope you have empathy and genuine concern. Would you want this to happen again to someone else? How would you like it if it happened to you? To avoid complaint filing with BBB it would be CB best interest to assist in resolving my issue immediately.

DeeAnn Carpenter (910) 431–7186

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