I have an issue with Coinbase, and I am not getting any help with this. I have submitted many many support tickets, I have called the 800 # in Ca. left my msg about my issue and my phone #. I have sent an email to Kathryn Haun who is on board of directors yesterday thinking maybe she could assist me and get this matter to the right people. The customer service department with CB lacks much and the robot replies is not the answer. They don’t have an answer to my issue. I made an error sending my BTC worth $500 USD / 0.247526 to my email address when I clicked on the send/recieve tab, thinking it would go to my bank. I should have clicked on the sell/buy tab. This all happened on May 20 and I can’t get anyone to help me get this straighten out and return back to my CB wallet. I can see my BTC on my CB ap on my phone, but there is no way to reverse to send back to my wallet. IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME??????? $500 is a good chunk of change. 910 431- 7186 DeeAnn Carpenter.

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