Businesses scramble to turn a profit.
Tony Montana

“Bankrupting a bakery was considered a huge victory for the LGBT movement, that’s disturbing to say the least.”

Discrimination is never right, discrimination in the name of religion, is evil, history is full of such examples, slavery and jim crow was justified in the name of religion, the middle east/sharia law justifies itself in the name of religion...

BTW no one wanted the bakery to go out of business, but they had a choice break the law, bake a cake, or become a 503c non profit religious organization, they chose to break the law that everyone else must follow, they claim they are protect class with their religion, they tried to put their protected status over the protected class the lgbt in that state, neither the lgbt or a religious person has that right.

Lord I just want to give you all the praise, honor, and glory for giving me a chance to exalt you, you gave me a chance to discriminate on all those dirty little queers, the christian church your church Lord knows you made us superior to your other children, Lord I was able to spot 1,000 more queers in my life than my fellow christian business owners did, I have thoroughly punished them all according to your will, I have shown them inhospitality, passed laws against them, I have spread lies and misinformation against them, I have discriminated against them in all things according to all your teachings, I have turned them into second class citizens under the law, I have done all this good work in your name Lord. Lord I’m ready to receive my just reward, you know the highest reward heaven has to offer, I’m sorry I do not know you.

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