Discrimination is something every single person engages in, even you from your lofty pedestal.
Tony Montana

“ Discrimination is something every single person engages in”

To some degree, yes. But there are just somethings under law that you cannot discriminate on, or reasons to use to justify discrimination. Religion is not above the law.

I find it amazing that christain are trying to use their enumerated status of the civil rights act to discriminate on another enumerated group that is protected under the same laws in that state, these so called christians are a disgrace to christianity.

“That issue was about what is morally correct and what the bakery owners discern as right and wrong”

No, it was a clear violation of state law, that is not a right the store owner has. Nor is that a “”religious liberties, un””, because that claim of “”religious liberties, un”” violates a compelling governmental interest, civil rights and nondiscrimination.

Should religious people who believe in slavery be given a right to own a few or enforce jim crow, can you beat your children with coat hangers and leave the child in the hospital, can a church hire minors and pay them less than the minimum wage, can you deny medical care to an infant because that infant has two moms, can you deny medical care because the patient is lgbt, all of that except slavery and jim crow has been happening in the last couple years, ALL of those people has made a claim to their “”religious liberties”” to justify their actions.

“”The only malice was religious intolerance”” With good and well deserved reason.

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