Well at least you admitted your religious intolerance and that is the reason for new laws.
Tony Montana

Tony Montana

“Well at least you admitted your religious intolerance”

I am religious, I am lgbt, I am actively church in a major christian denomination, with a large congregation, I am out, open, fully accepted, and a full member.

I am not against religion or christianity, I am against religion and or christianity being warped and perverted in the public sector by extremist in violation of the public law that everyone else must follow, with the intention and or the effect of harming others, if you want to live in a religiously control nation may I suggest you move to the middle east, if you are not a practicing muslim let me know how that works out for you.

You can not grant “”religious liberty”” exemptions in the public sector to extremest at the expense of others, the list of hated groups from such people is a never ending list, it is in their nature, America is NOT a christian nation it is a secular nation.

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