Don’t write like you think ‘writers’ write
Jonas Ellison

I like how you put that Jonas Ellison. “Don’t write like you think ‘writers’ write.” This is exactly how I feel. I read…a lot. I’m a huge m/m gay paranormal romance reader. Go ahead and laugh, but it is so fun to live in that fantasy world for a few hours. I think it’s the thought of being connected so closely with someone that caught my attention.

Unfortunately, the ‘writers’ that are creating these books these days are all about a quick hook up and a quick forever after. I hate novellas. There is no build up of feelings and passion to love. What’s wrong with people taking their time to get to know eachother. As a reader, I crave to get to know my character. I get that hook ups and one night stands happen. But when you talk about paranormal romance, where a bite seals your life to another being for life in a very intimate way, and in most cases, a long life. How can the writers ignore the human aspects of the story too?

We can’t decide to love eternally without getting to know someone. How does the ‘writer’ think we can decide to become a mate, if all there is between two beings is sex, and raunchy sex too.

Give me a detailed, passionate, supportive, loving, starting as friends and building a relationship book and I’ll give you 5 stars on Amazon all the way. This crap that’s available now, and believe me I can name authors, is a cardboard cut out of all the other stories before them. Where’s the imagination? Love isn’t a formula.

Frustrated, I have decided to write my own novel. Yes, it’s m/m gay paranormal romance. Go ahead, laugh again. I’m writing a full size book, thank you very much. I may not be writing it in a day like all these so called ‘writers’ do. I’m building the characters and story line. Maybe I’ll start a new way of writing these books.

Thank you for your time.