It’s much harder to change the world from a hospital bed — you need your sanity.

The last year has been exhausting. Global issues are exhausting. Resisting hatred is exhausting. Witnessing climate change in front of our own eyes is exhausting. It’s going to be a long journey. We must stay positive and determined to create a more hopeful future for our world.

At the moment, many are panicked about the effects of Trump’s presidency, as well as Britain’s impending exit from the EU. Alarmingly, both are being seen as a victory for many, but for anyone who has ever studied history, it is a reminder the rise of xenophobia can happen anywhere, at any time.

Theresa May’s recent meeting with Trump was sickening to watch. Every time she mentioned the “special relationship” between the UK and the US, I kept wondering how we got to a place where the representative of our country was effectively praising a Neo-Nazi.

History has taught us that a divided world, is a dangerous one. So why on earth are we allowing history to repeat itself? It’s cyclical, but also I think that this time it’s different. We have the internet and globalisation on our side. It will connect us and unite us. Hate won’t win, because quite simply, we won’t let it. Far more unites us than divides us.

It’s also exhausting being told that you are overreacting and that things won’t be that bad. As an immigrant WOC, but also someone who cares about the state of our world, I think I have a very legitimate reason to voice my concerns. The very fact that UK decided to leave the single market over immigration, is an alarming sign to me. Trump deciding to publish a weekly list of all the crimes committed by immigrants, is a pretty alarming sign to me. The obvious rise of xenophobia is a pretty fucking alarming sign to me.

You know future generations will look back and be horrified. And no, of course I’m not saying everyone who supported Trump or Brexit is a racist, but we cannot deny that these two events have legitimised so much hatred and backwardness. Let’s be honest, so far no one is exactly having a great time. The more you look into the current state of the UK and USA, the more depressed you may feel.

If you’re finding yourself in that position where you are constantly refreshing the news to see any new updates about our awful world, don’t do it to yourself. The world will go on without you. If you really want to make a difference, make sure that you are looking after yourself first. My mum always used to say to me: “It’s much harder to change the world from a hospital bed — you need your sanity.”

  1. Stop obsessing with the news

Shut off the news (at least for now) and instead watch your favourite trashy TV programme, read a light-hearted book and maintain your wellbeing. Do some yoga or go for a run. Anything to take your mind off negativity.

The more you read the news, the more you will get used to the absurdity of the world we live in today. Not reading the news constantly may help you keep a balanced mind about matters.

2. Sleep

It’s amazing how irrational sleep deprivation can make you. Make sure you’re getting those eight hours, otherwise your mind won’t have time to fully process everything.

3. Go outside

It’s easy to lock yourself up from the big bad world outside, but going outside can actually put everything in perspective. Also, the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun is great for relaxing and clearing the mind.

4. Remove any toxicity from your life

People around you can be draining. If you’re surrounded by negativity, you will get engulfed by it. Instead, spend a little less time with toxic people and more with those that are positive.

5. Focus your energy

It’s easy to be worried about everything at once, but if you focus your energies on accomplishing one thing at a time, you will feel like you are actually achieving something.

Just remember — you don’t have to suffer to make a difference.

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