How to make your culture amazing from the start

Why focusing on culture is a financial and ethical necessity

I’m tired of dysfunctional work cultures

I have spent the last ten years creating productive, fulfilling and ethical workplaces. So have hundreds of similar change agents, HR professionals and directors. What significant change has happened? Not a lot, from what I can see.

I have decided to disrupt the current approach, and create a social enterprise that will change the world of work. This is a statement of intent, and an invitation to join me.

Culture is everything

Culture eats strategy for breakfast
- Peter Drucker

Poor cultures have a lot to answer for: 
* They are the reason for the lack of employee engagement. 
* They are the reason for bad service provision.
* They are the reason for the exploitation of people and the environment.

Sh*tty culture hits your bottom line. Hard.

Poor cultures still exist because we share ways-of-working that are no longer fit-for-purpose. The difference is I don’t blame us for that. It’s inevitable:

  • You leave school or university (having been instructed how to pass exams).
  • You enter work, unequipped with the real skills you need to thrive.
  • You get training in skills, practices and mindsets that are no longer fit-for-purpose.
  • You climb the corporate ladder as the only measure of success.
  • You pass on those same skills, practices and mindset to the generation below you.

It’s a snowball effect; no wonder little has changed.

We can break the cycle

There is an opportunity to disrupt the chain of events.

Imagine people entered work with the right skills, principles and mindsets. They would make the most of our creative, changing industries. They would not accept ways-of-working that are no longer fit-for-purpose.

They would be equipped with the ability to think, learn and adapt for themselves. They would value collaboration, communication, and connection. They would use the stuff that still works, and work out how to add to it. They would not accept things as they are. They would benevolently dictate the cultures of the future.

They would value collaboration, communication, and connection.

I want to support school-leavers, students and those in need of retraining. I will equip them with the skills, perspective and enthusiasm they need. They will be radically productive and change the rules.

I want to help create kick-ass cultures by inception.


So here’s the pitch:

I want to provide workshops and retreats to people entering the workforce. I want to provide this service to them as close to free as possible.

I need money to make this happen. To do so, I will work with organisations that understand the value of having an ethical, kick-ass culture. Organisations who want to be more productive, effective and fulfilling places to work.

The profits will be used to provide the free workshops and retreats.

You win by receiving high-quality training from a socially responsible supplier.

New workers win by having access to skills training they would otherwise not be able to afford

I win by being able to help create kick-ass cultures

We all win when we create a generation of people who can make our organisations more successful.

Why this is important

I am very passionate about my purpose. Culture is not about the bottom line, it’s about people. We do our best work when we are the best versions of ourselves.

I originally trained to be a doctor. I have always loved learning. Yet the traditional school and university system wasn’t healthy for me. It made me obsessed with conforming; addicted to approval. I developed a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms.

The end result was that in my 5th year of medical school I had a breakdown. Can you imagine spending all those years working towards a goal for it to suddenly evaporate? I held on to my desire to learn as a way of moving forward.

Later, I got a job for an innovative company, and I started helping; improving. I started to understand what I was able to give to others. One day the CTO put the book “Scrum and XP from the Trenches” on my desk.

It’s amazing how something simple can change your trajectory in life. That simple book that opened my eyes to a different way of working, a different way of looking at work. It introduced me to Agile software development; I had an immediate affinity and immediately started to practice my new craft. That company was an amazing place to work: it allowed me to make the most of an opportunity.

My next job was the opposite. During the recession I was lured to work for another company. They claimed they wanted to work in the ways I had been learning and applying. Once I had joined nothing could be further from the truth. Over the next few years I was belittled, constrained and controlled. It was a toxic environment that left me believing I wasn’t even good enough to work anywhere else. Luckily, I escaped and went on to hone my craft over the following years.

Your workplace culture has an effect on peoples’ lives. Their dreams, potential and productivity. That’s why I am passionate about changing the world of work. To create environments where everyone can be their best self. I call it the Impactable Manifesto.

Impactable Workshops

I’m creating an innovative syllabus of workshops that will help your business. Workshops that cover things like:

* Getting to the heart of your values and purpose
* Supercharged Management
* Expanding your vocabulary of creative skills
* Navigating the experience of change
* Better delivery through flow, service and customer focus

The workshops will be engaging, practical and relevant. They will involve movement, practice, play and discovery.

What’s more, I want to hold them in awe-inspiring locations. To mix things up, and get away from the typical boring meeting spaces. You will leave the workshops inspired, rejuvenated with ideas and skills that you can immediately apply to help make positive cultural changes in your business.

This is the start of something game-changing, and I’d love for you to be at the heart of it.

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