Your pretense that her embarrassing post was really clever sarcasm wouldn’t fool an 8 year old.
Fiasco Linguini

I think you are once again missing the point. The article wasn’t about the absolute value of Clinton as a candidate, it was about how our perceptions of Clinton are colored by deeply held gender prejudices. I agree that Clinton was a far-from-perfect candidate, and I agree that she represented a political status quo that has repeatedly failed us. However, I am not convinced that these are the reasons why America as a whole refused to elect her over Trump. You can’t seriously expect me to believe that after several decades of middle-of-the-road candidates, we just coincidentally happened to rock the boat during the first election cycle with a female nominee. I know that you can never objectively prove one way or another that people didn’t elect Clinton because they are sexist, but to me if something looks like shit and smells like shit, that’s close enough for me to just call it what it is — shit.

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